Gambles Paying Off So Far On NanoTech Gaming (NTGL)

NTGLFor what was a sporadically traded sub penny stock for most of the year, NanoTech Gaming Inc. (OTCPINK: NTGL) has been a winning bet for those traders who have played it off the newsletters alerts this week.  With a couple of cool products lined up, like their High Limit Advantage Play Video Pinball and the BetCube, NTGL stock has been an alright gamble thus far, especially after closing up +.007, +46%, yesterday at 0.022.  Although news hasn’t flowed since May and an update to support the recent boost in trading would help, a close monitoring of how she trades the rest of the week could be the ticker to flip and be the profit wizard you always wanted to be.

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NTGL Stock


NanoTech Gaming is a development stage (aka start up) company that is focused on creating the most compelling gaming experiences for modern social and competitive gaming in land-based casino and arcade gaming markets.  There may be little to no cash and a missing number on the top line of their income statement per the last filing with OTC Markets, yet the Company hopes to one day give players what they want in a social environment where they can choose exactly how they want to gamble and to also be given an avenue to demonstrate their skill and intelligence while they play compelling video experiences that are entertaining independently of the gambling components (not my run on sentence – the Company’s).

For the three month period ended June 30, 2015, revenues were $0, while operating expenses were just $358.  If that equation can continue forward, NanoTech Gaming should almost survive 2015, considering they reported having $642 in cash as of June 30, 2015.

Besides having 181,660,560 of the 450,000,000 shares of NTGL issued and outstanding at the time of their last filings, the $43,000 of liabilities, listed as convertible notes payable, is likely why compensated newsletter alerts have been going out since Sunday night.  For once, the paying third party is allowing the promo to run, seeing as how with $114,461 traded over the last two trading sessions (5,666,500 shares), NTGL stock has been an “OK” flip between 0.0135 and 0.028 on day one and 0.0149 and 0.0249 on day two (yesterday).

At present, it all might be just hopes and dreams for the company located at 7180 Dean Martin Drive, Las Vegas, but their product line up looks a lot different than the other casino/gambling companies that have had OTC runs before. Like Dean once said, “You’re not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on,” you’re not down on your luck with NTGL stock if you’re able to flip in and out of it while this momentum run lasts.

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NTGL Detailed Quote – Past 5 Days


Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
09/22/15 0.0160 0.0249 0.0149 0.0220 +0.0070 +46.67% 3,669,000
09/21/15 0.0250 0.0280 0.0135 0.0150 +0.0056 +59.57% 1,997,500
09/18/15 0.0094 0.0094 0.0094 0.0094 -0.0006 -6.00% 5,800
09/17/15 0.0160 0.0160 0.0100 0.0100 -0.0040 -28.57% 131,100
09/16/15 0.0140 0.0140 0.0140 0.0140 +0.0045 +47.37% 15,000

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