GCIH | Great China International Holdings Steals The Show

You can tell summer is drawing closer to an end when dormant penny stocks like Great China International Holdings Inc. (GCIH) are the hottest thing on the OTC. Trading just twice in July and April, 2013 was going down as another quiet year for GCIH stock until a list building exercise was put forth to dangle a carrot in front of the sleeping subscribers. Being that it was night time for the real estate consulting firm over in China when all the action happened, one can only imagine how the rice balls tasted Saturday morning when shareholders saw their investment end up as one of the top 10 OTC stocks traded.

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Top 10 OTC Stocks Traded

Symbol Price % Change $ Volume Share Volume Trades
NVIV 2.98 -27.91% 10,184,591 3,018,262 2,169
EKDKQ 0.0873 -15.24% 3,095,864 35,196,180 1,584
PCXCQ 0.309 +1.64% 2,667,379 8,154,801 1,328
AAMRQ 3.14 +2.28% 17,456,214 5,607,494 1,262
FNMA 1.32 0.00% 9,399,391 6,990,671 1,147
GSAT 0.66 +9.63% 4,357,435 6,609,489 807
RHHBY 65.55 -0.06% 33,503,609 513,308 771
GCIH 0.78 +1,014.29% 773,230 916,115 698
LQMT 0.174 +17.57% 1,250,284 7,628,075 619
AFFY 1.72 +7.50% 2,050,005 1,204,550 616

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Not much else really packed the wallop of even the intra-day gains GCIH put up; nearly 100%.

Missing the cut for the top 10 traded OTC stocks, The Alkaline Water Company Inc. (WTER) ended the session as the 14th most traded with $880,762 in dollar volume, 1,386,538 shares, on 411 trades. Literally treading water for the last few weeks, WTER stock has proven that it won’t break $1 and can’t afford to go under 0.50 else Francis Gaskins might blow a gasket.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. (MJNA) managed to close green even though every reputable financial authority and media outlet made an effort to inform the public of marijuana stock scams earlier this week. MJNA stock managed to close up +2.19% at 0.14 on dollar volume of $720,471, 5,150,676 shares, on 403 trades.

One particular penny stock which didn’t make it into the to 50 traded OTC stocks, Skyline Medical Inc. (SKLN), is one traders might want to have a close look at over the weekend. Shares of SKLN stock soared to near its 52 week high just one day after reports of Peter L. Morawetz, PhD, and Lawrence W. Gadbaw resigning as directors of the company f/k/a BioDrain Medical, Inc.

Not sure how much Skyline is left for the company which developed an environmentally safe system for the collection and disposal of infectious fluids that result from surgical procedures and post-operative care, but today’s volume was the largest since mid-April.

The Company is about to increase their authorized share capital from 300,000,000 shares to 800,000,000 and hold their annual shareholders meeting in 2 weeks on September 10, 2013. One thing you can bet will be a hot topic at the event is how sales grew from $47,595 for the first 6 months of 2012 to $278,583 for the first 6 months of this year.

Just think… if you put $2,000 into SKLN stock at the beginning of March, you’d be sitting on a $10,500 egg headed into the weekend. It would almost be as good as having done what Mister did by grabbing those 125,000 shares of GCIH back in April at under 0.15 before he pumped it today.

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About GCIH Stock

Great China International Holdings, Inc., through its various subsidiaries, is engaged in commercial and residential real estate leasing, management, consulting, investment, development and sales in the city of Shenyang, Liaoning Province, in the People’ Republic of China.

Click here to view the SEC filings for GCIH.

2013 Trading History For GCIH:

Date Last Change Volume
07/26/13 0.0700 -0.0400 -36.36% 1,000
07/15/13 0.1100 -0.0100 -8.33% 5,000
04/25/13 0.1200 -0.0300 -20.00% 125,000
04/16/13 0.1500 unch unch 5,000

Bottom Line:

Being that GCIH was an “uncompensated” promotion, you gotta wonder who rubbed their crystal balls and scooped up those 125,000 shares back in April at 0.12. Regardless, GCIH is now officially on the list of penny stocks that will eventually trade back down to its origination point of 0.07 before being booked as one of the hottest picks to Rock and Roll for Mister and friends.

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