Get To Know Boreal Water Collection Inc. (BRWC)

Founded in 1884, traders have finally taken action on the penny stock of Boreal Water Collection, Inc. (BRWC) now that they are current filers again with the SEC. Up over 254% since the start of the year, the 130 year old private label water bottlers provide the perfect water for a who’s who list of clients which trumps all other lists. Focused now on installing a glass bottling line and a sparkling water line to their 75,000 square feet facility, BRWC stock is a must have before they become North America’s leader of high end private label water.

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BRWC Stock Quote

Market Cap: 8.68M
Last: 0.028 ▲ +0.008 (+40.00%)
Volume: 126,884
Dollar Volume: $2,653
Open: 0.02
High: 0.03
Low: 0.02
Trades: 13
Authorized: 600,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 310,158,907
Francine Lavoie: 225,000,000
Float: 59,312,315
14-Day Rel Strength: 73.74%
1st Resistance Point: 0.032
1st Support Level: 0.022

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Although it’s hard to think about being bullish on a water product with the freezing cold temperatures most of the U.S. has just experienced, Boreal Water Collection is a serious threat to be one of those investments you wish you had made when shares were this cheap. Sourcing their premier spring water from the rocky terrain of the Catskill mountains, it’s no wonder why Porsche, The Ritz-Carlton, Guess, Lexus, Mercedes Benz and 3M all have gone to Francine Lavoie, President, Treasurer, CFO and CEO of the Company, when wanting to make an impression on their clients.

Boreal Water went through some hardships, legally, back in 2012, better known as the “Cortellazi, et al Matter” in their SEC filings, when a takeover of the Company was foiled. The Company filed counterclaims against Cortellazi who basically admitted his role in the scheme as part of an out of court settlement as well as Michael Gambino and Alan Silverstein, the proposed CEO and former Boreal employee, for fraud, defamation and slander, and damages, including punitive damages and attorney’s fees.

From a business standpoint, the juices (or water) are still flowing, although slightly less than in previous periods. For the 9 months ended September 30, 2013 and 2012, Boreal Water reported sales of $1,640,650 and $2,127,259, a decrease of $486,609, or -22.8%, due to a $118,189, $95,383, $241,448, $6,605, $22,694 and $10,789 decrease in one gallon product sales, 3/5/6 gallon products, co-packing sales, house brand, labels and pallets/miscellaneous sales, respectively.

That said, Boreal came out today with a statement to shareholders (see here) which highlighted their success at gaining some very prestigious and high-end accounts. They go on to state how “2013 can be characterized also as a balance sheet rebuilding year” having reduced their liabilities by $1.1 million – a 40% reduction of their total liabilities.

With BRWC stock hitting the ground running at the start of the year and a free trading float, from December 31, 2012, of just under 60 million, seeing a $0.10 price in the coming weeks/months is not out of the question. News from increased international demand for their products and details of some large orders due to be shipped thanks to leads generated at the FHC China show in Shanghai in November, 2013 should be major catalysts to help BRWC stay above water.

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About BRWC Stock

Boreal Water Collection, Inc. is a development stage, personalized bottled water company specializing in premium custom bottled water, as a contract packer of bottled water focused on value-added products and services.

Click here to view the SEC filings for BRWC.
Click here to view the website for Boreal Water Collection.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
01/07/14 0.0200 0.0300 0.0200 0.0280 +0.0080 +40.00% 126,800
01/06/14 0.0116 0.0200 0.0116 0.0200 +0.0084 +72.41% 175,900
01/03/14 0.0079 0.0120 0.0079 0.0116 +0.0037 +46.84% 258,000
12/31/13 0.0079 0.0079 0.0079 0.0079 -0.0001 -1.25% 41,000
12/30/13 0.0060 0.0080 0.0050 0.0080 +0.0030 +60.00% 170,200


Bottom Line:

On paper, BRWC looks like one of the best water-focused penny stocks you could ask for. They’re not trying to develop a brand or distribution channels like other tickers who have used the “premiere water” market as a selling tool. Instead, they Boreal Water has a proven track record of big name clients who pay which makes BRWC stock a winner in its own right.

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