Global Digital Solutions (GDSI) Looks Like A Real Bargain

GDSIPenny stock traders looking for a bounce candidate that can provide some serious gains should take a close look at Global Digital Solutions, Inc. (OTCQB: GDSI), a development stage company determined to become a leader in providing cyber arms manufacturing and complementary security and technology solutions.  Having bounced up 92.31% after dropping -99.28% from their 0.18 52 Wk high set back on April 10, volume and interest is building up, two factors which could spring GDSI stock back up into copperland before month’s end.  

With a pretty low share structure and growing YoY quarterly revenues, a mention of more government contracts or a bird flu sighting could spell silver for what the usual suspects are hoping will occur now that they’ve driven down the share price.

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GDSI Stock


Global Digital Solutions is focused on two aspects of business: actively managing Airtronic USA, Inc. and North American Custom Specialty Vehicles, LLC (NACSV).  The main driver for the Company is NACSV’s mobile emergency operations centers which are customizable so as to meet the needs of Police, Fire, EMS, Military, Homeland Security, National Guard, FBI, Air National Guard Coast Guard, Chemical/ Petrochemical, Humanitarian Aid, Non-Governmental Organizations, Drug Enforcement, Immigration & Customs, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Water Management, Wildlife Management, D.O.T. Engineering & Maintenance, Air & Water Quality Management (EPA), Meteorological Seismic/Oil & Gas Exploration, IS/Mapping Power Generation, Power Transmission and Strategic Infrastructure Security.

If that list doesn’t hint towards being a governement contract provider, no company can be considered one.

Last month, the Company announced that their Mobile Command Center aided the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s efforts to control the avian influenza that was found in Minnesota.  The event forced Global Digital Solutions to find a way to speed up the delivery of additional emergency vehicles so as to meet expected demand for more NACSV Mobile Command Centers.  

With the revenues during the six months ended June 30, 2015 having grown to $379,223 as compared to the $111,405 reported for the same period in 2014, a boost in top line numbers that surpasses $1 million for the year ended December 31, 2015 would be significant considering there’s around 140 million shares of GDSI stock out there at present.

Last week, a 13G was filed by the Company to show that Tangiers Investment Group, LLC held 11,904,762 shares, 8.53% of the issued and outstanding, which works the total out to be 139,563,447 (11,904,762/.0853).  Unfortunate for those who had shares well above the current price range, some $496,557 in convertible notes was on the books, all the usual suspects, which indicates why GDSI shares have been driven down to their current level.

Among the group that made up that nearly half a million dollars in debt convertibles, LG Capital Funding, LLC ($72,259), JSJ Investments Inc ($56,884), Adar Bays, LLC ($30,164), JMJ Financial ($81,475), Vista Capital Investments, LLC ($44,669), KBM Worldwide, Inc. ($85,138), EMA Financial, LLC ($49,591) and Vis Vires, Group Inc. ($24,586) were listed with Tangiers Investment Group.  

With conversion rates from 40% to 60% of the average of the lowest trading price of GDSI stock during 20-25 trading days prior to conversion, the drop is more like an invitation for those willing to hold shares for the bounce to come.

Considering a “worst case scenario” approach to how many shares of GDSI could get converted, Global Digital, on May 18, increased the number of authorized shares from 450,000,000 to 650,000,000.  Since it’s unlikely that ALL of the convertibles will be turned into shares, conversions at 0.00052 would be the most favorable, making entries below 0.002 the best entry point.

Looking back at the year’s trading history, GDSI shares saw their first $100,000 volume session on September 10 with two consecutive sessions, $121,442 on the 16th and $115,310 on the 17th.  With what looks like boat loading when GDSI was between 0.0013 and 0.0025 during the two sessions last week, a close monitoring of who is in control on Level 2 could make GDSI as big of a buy as EGYH was last week.

Find out more about GDSI shares here: $GDSI



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GDSI Detailed Quote – Past 5 Days


Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
09/18/15 0.0019 0.0025 0.0016 0.0025 +0.0006 +31.58% 18,537,600
09/17/15 0.0015 0.0025 0.0015 0.0019 +0.0006 +46.15% 57,654,902
09/16/15 0.0025 0.0025 0.0013 0.0013 -0.0010 -43.48% 63,916,602
09/15/15 0.0026 0.0026 0.0022 0.0023 -0.0003 -11.54% 7,850,700
09/14/15 0.0030 0.0030 0.0020 0.0026 -0.0003 -10.34% 7,221,100

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