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GSAC Stock, GSAC Stock Quote, GelStat Corp.,Larry Gershman, Gerald N. Kieft, Did getting in front of that POS penny stock Dephasium Corp (DPHS) cause you to lose sleep? Did getting involved with TBX’s RJD Green Inc. (RJDG) cause you to suffer a migraine headache due to the lack of performance expected? Well perhaps the STOP sign issued penny stock of GelStat Corp. (GSAC) can cure all those problems in one trade. The Company announced today that Larry Gershman could soon replace Gerald Kieft at the CEO position if they acquire the exclusive rights to multiple products, one of which is an all natural appetite suppressant chewing gum, which is sure to boost the awareness of GSAC stock.

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Market Cap: 1.91M
Thursday Close: 0.015 ▼ -0.005 (-25.00%)
Authorized: 500,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 127,447,078
Barchart Opinion: 100% Strong Sell

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Just over 6 months ago, Gerald N. Kieft, the current CEO of GelStat Corp., issued an update publicly to GSAC shareholders letting them know what the heck was happening with their filings and what to expect in the coming months. Within the statement, Kieft highlighted how the 10K for 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 as well as its form 10Q for the Q1, Q2 and Q3 of 2006, 2007 and 2008 with the SEC.

The promise of things to come from GelStat, as mentioned back in October, 2012, was that the Company would be working on filing their audited results for 2009, 2010 and 2011 as well as selecting and signing a marketing partner to launch a significant direct-to-consumer marketing campaign to promote their GelStat Migraine and GelStat Sleep.

Gelstat® Migraine, the Company’s flagship product, is a patented homeopathic drug designed to provide acute relief from migraine and migraine-like headaches. The product was originally launched through distributors into retailers and wholesalers across the U.S. However, in 2008, GelStat changed its business model to focus on Direct-to-Consumer sales and marketing efforts, hence why the Company’s products are now sold primarily through its website and through a very limited number of retailers.

Gelstat Sleep, the Company’s 2nd product, was under final development and is intended to be marketed as a sleep aid. It was introduced to consumers in 2010 on a test basis to obtain data to determine product viability and is expected to be classified as a dietary supplement.

Plans were for GelStat Sleep to be formally launched in Q4, 2012, but GelStat need to raise money in order to get that done. That’s kinda hard to do when you’re financial data is more than 4 years old.

Today, GelStat announced that, if they close the deal onthe LOI they signed with Larry Gershman, not only would he become the new CEO of the Company with Kieft moving to CFO, but he would be bringing on board his portfolio of products which are said to include:

  • An all natural appetite suppressant chewing gum
  • An all natural energy product
  • A joint pain lubricant and cartilage renewal product
  • A silver nano-particles anti-microbial and anti-acne face product

The efforts alone made by coming current with their SEC filings and the possibility of having Gershman and his products under the GelStat umbrella makes for GSAC and its 0.015 current price a must add penny stock to the watch list. Shares haven’t been trading regularly as can be seen below in the history, but a small boost of interest and some reciprocal activity from the market makers could make for an instant runner.

About GSAC Stock

GelStat Corp. is focused on the development and marketing of innovative over-the-counter (OTC) consumer healthcare products. The Company’s first two products, GelStat™ Migraine and GelStat™ Sleep are currently available direct-to-consumer.

Click here to view the SEC filings for GSAC.
Click here to view the website for GelStat.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
06/06/13 0.0150 -0.0050 -25.00% 30,000
05/30/13 0.0200 unch unch 400
05/24/13 0.0200 unch unch 10,000
05/22/13 0.0200 -0.0039 -16.32% 700
05/17/13 0.0239 +0.0089 +59.33% 77,000


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Bottom Line:

Just from today’s news announcement alone, GSAC is a very cheap penny stock worth watching. Add the fact that they are doing everything possible to get current with the SEC which would remove the STOP and bring them full circle to the OTCBB, GSAC stock could be an easy ride to triple digit gain avenue without much of a headache.

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