HBRM Stock | Herborium’s Kamasutra A Winner For Traders

Its been an exceptional week for pink sheet penny stock traders on Herborium Group Inc. (HBRM), seeing gains of as much as 120% gains since Tuesday. HBRM stock has been in a mini-money rally since announcing its initial distribution of their flagship Kamasutra™ Exotic Vodka in and around the Fort Lee, New Jersey area. After gaining 5,400% to start the year off with a 3 month rally, its time to add it to your list of penny stocks to watch once again.

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HBRM Stock Chart

a/o May 31, 2012
Shares Outstanding: 594,971,344
Float: 414,168,801
Authorized Shares: 950,000,000

Two weeks ago, Herborium announced the launch of Kamasutra™, the first-ever alcoholic beverage creation developed and endorsed by herbaceutical science. The idea behind the beverage was to appeal to a wider segment of experimental, progressive adult beverage drinkers that represent a rapidly growing segment of the $4 billion U.S. market for flavored vodka.

Word is that drinkers of Kamasutra™ are hoping to see new products from Herborium and have offered suggestions like Kissin Kousins Whiskey, Where’s My Car Wine Coolers, and Topless Tequila.

In all seriousness, the exotic alcoholic beverage market is hit and miss with no fixing and re-marketing. If this first step in a commercialization process proves to be a top-shelf winner and the Company gets their product into the important states and cities prior to the holiday season, Tom Wilen, with his decades of the most successful track record in alcoholic beverage industry, could strike gold for shareholders.

About HBRM Stock

Herborium Group, Inc., a Botanical Therapeutics® company, focuses on developing, licensing, and marketing proprietary, botanical based medicinal products to consumers and healthcare professionals. The Company uses clinical validation to establish and maintain a differential advantage. The company sells its products in the US and Europe.

Bottom Line: We like beverage focused penny stocks and HBRM is looking like its gearing up for another run towards the 2 cent mark. That may sound familiar as BBDA is doing the same thing right now which could also drive investors towards HBRM stock considering the massive differences in share structures.

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