HD Retail Solutions (HDRE) Takes On Greenscape Labs

HDRE, HDRE Stock, $HDRE, #HDRE, James R. J. ScheltemaIn terms of making sure investors are well aware of your plans as a company, the penny stock of HD Retail Solutions Inc. (HDRE) fell far short from getting their message across. Having hinted in their OTC filed annual report that shareholders of HDRE stock were soon to see free shares of Greenscape Laboratories, Inc., a start up company planning to test the strength of marijuana strains and other botanical herbs, President and CEO of both companies, James R. J. Scheltema, CPA, Esq., burst that bubble in a non-distributed PR. But, with such a low float already and plans to take over everything but the bank account, the hint paid off, just not in such a big way as was planned.

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HDRE, HDRE Stock, HDRE Stock Quote, HDRE Stock Chart, HDRE Stock Price, $HDRE, #HDRE, James R. J. Scheltema, James R. J. Scheltema CPA,HD Retail Solutions Inc., Greenscape Laboratories Inc., MJNALAB.com, Marijuana stocksHDRE Stock Quote

Market Cap: 6.69M
Last: 0.185 ▲ +0.0563 (+43.75%)
Volume: 320,292
Dollar Volume: $57,168
Open: 0.1283
High: 0.315
Low: 0.1283
Trades: 65
14-Day Rel Strength: 68.64%
1st Resistance Point: 0.2906
1st Support Level: 0.1039
52Wk High: 0.315
52Wk Low: 0.0036

A few weeks ago when HD Retail Solutions filed their annual report, we dug into them, only because they had a low float, and were hoping to pull a rabbit out of the hat that OTC traders could take advantage of. There really wasn’t much to go on in the year end report, especially since annual revenues were less than what I pay the kid down the block each month to cut my grass.

However, HD Retail Solutions holds 36.15 million shares of Greenscape Laboratories, Inc., a development stage company currently with no revenues, that it got in exchange for 1 million Series A preferred HDRE stock issued in December. When we came to find out that Greenscape Laboratories had filed an S-1 and were going to be distributing shares of it to HDRE shareholders, getting a jump on the crowd at 0.06 was a no-brainer.

On Sunday, CEO and President of both HD Retail Solutions and Greenscape Laboratories, James R. J. Scheltema, issued a PR via OTCMarkets which didn’t get picked up by any other newswires. Within it he stated that the S-1 filing for Greenscape was being pulled and instead all of the assets (virtually nothing really) except for the bank account were to be consumed by HD Retail Solutions and a name/ticker change were likely to come.

Smart move to save the money it would cost to continue on with the S-1 approval and SEC reporting requirements since marijuana stocks have all but lost their luster they had 3 months ago. Nevertheless, HDRE stock set a new 52 week high yesterday and, even though Greenscape Laboratorieswill be testing marijuana for the presence of toxins, the level of CBDs, CBNs and THC, it all but shot its load early Monday.

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About HDRE Stock

HD Retail Solutions Inc. is a development stage company looking to provide B2B corporate services by catering to the specific requirements of various public and private corporations. Greenscape Laboratories was established for the purpose of testing consumable products for either chemical or foreign contaminants (usually passed to the plant from the soil).

Click here to view the financial filings for HDRE, here for the Greenscape Laboratories S-1.
Click here to view the website for Greenscape Laboratories.

Authorized: 60,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 36,152,718

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
04/21/14 0.1283 0.3150 0.1283 0.1850 +0.0563 +43.75% 320,200
04/17/14 0.1000 0.1299 0.0900 0.1287 +0.0287 +28.70% 96,000
04/16/14 0.0900 0.1000 0.0895 0.1000 +0.0105 +11.73% 47,700
04/15/14 0.1050 0.1199 0.0895 0.0895 -0.0403 -31.05% 65,400
04/14/14 0.1200 0.1400 0.1100 0.1298 +0.0198 +18.00% 109,100


Bottom Line:

The entire marijuana sector has gone into a bit of a comma since CANN and PHOT were suspended. HDRE sure looks like one of those penny stocks you could see running to the mid 30’s with ease. However, with so many other unproven start ups in the sector that traders have made and lost thousands on, HDRE stock is just another pretty face in a crowd full of plastic surgery laden ticker symbols all wanting to look the part.

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