Healthnostics (HNSS) Is Overflowing With 10 Bagger Potential

Healthnostics Inc., HNSS Stock, Michael J. Black, Unless you are an absolute fool, you WILL have Healthnostics, Inc. (HNSS) on your list of penny stocks to watch well before the opening bell today. With a float so small that the sugar plum visions of a 10 bagger kept us up all of last night, HNSS stock is due for an absolute explosion at the opening bell today. With plans to get 2 new web-based medical and bio-analytics portals up and running in the coming weeks, and, not even the Obamacare fiasco can hold this back from being one of the biggest gaining stocks on the OTC Tuesday.

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Market Cap: 6.99K
Last: 0.0055
Volume: 201,000
Dollar Volume: $1,106
Open: 0.0055
High: 0.0055
Low: 0.0055
Trades: 4
Authorized: 4,000,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 1,271,706
14-Day Rel Strength: 43.45%

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Healthnostics announced last week that these new website launchings are being established to focus on strategically relevant web-centric businesses that enhance and further the Company’s existing healthcare technology offerings. Currently they provide comprehensive patient clinical monitoring and risk management systems to acute care hospitals which enabled them to bank $39,917 worth of revenues during the 3 months ended June 30, 2013.

The Obamacare blunder has most middle-class Americans freaking out about whether or not their gong to be forced out of their health insurance coverage. Wile they don’t provide healthcare per say, the 3 avenues by which Healthnostics will be looking to further their revenue stream are due to stem from their 3 healthcare products:

• MedGuardian: A web-based patient quality improvement and risk management system for hospitals;
• MedBioWorld™: One of the largest medical and biotechnology resource and reference portals on the Internet; and
• FamilyMedicalNet: A consumer healthcare information portal

The big “kaboom” for Healthnostics could come from FamilyMedicalNet. The intended for all ages consumer site is based on the concept of selecting the best information on every possible health and medical subject from all over the Internet. The greatest focus of the site is to direct the visitor to information from federal government health and medical websites, associations, publications and databases.

On the other hand, MedBioWorld™ could be an equal impact to revenue generation since it is focused on providing access to valuable information through directories, targeted search engines and specialized databases, as well as through reference tools like dictionaries, calculators, blogs, and newsletters. The 2 combined could bring in Google Ad’s revenues worth thousands a day if they get exposed and ranked correctly.

Be that a it may, HNSS stock is sure to explode today, with or without the factoring in of future revenue possibilities. There’s 1.27 million shares outstanding – that’s it – of their Class A common stock. The entire 21 million Class B stock issued and outstanding all belongs to Michael J. Black, Healthnostics President and CFO.

Now, the bad news….

Every pink sheet trader knows of the Michael J. Black cons in the past. Seeing more than the stated float of HNSS stock trade on a $15K paid promo is a given. Because of that, a multi-day run like what GRLT did in the summer is highly unlikely. Still, a jump to .05 or .06 may not be as out of the question as the iHubbers think.

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About HNSS Stock

Healthnostics, Inc. is a development stage, medical and biotechnology analytics company that provides comprehensive patient clinical monitoring and risk management systems for acute care hospitals.

Click here to view the financial filings for HNSS on OTCMarkets.
Click here to view the website for Healthnostics.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
11/11/13 0.0055 0.0055 0.0055 0.0055 unch unch 201,000
11/08/13 0.0055 0.0055 0.0055 0.0055 unch unch 10,000
11/06/13 0.0065 0.0075 0.0040 0.0055 -0.0010 -15.38% 1,991,100
11/01/13 0.0021 0.0065 0.0021 0.0065 +0.0005 +8.33% 2,200
10/31/13 0.0133 0.0133 0.0060 0.0060 -0.0110 -64.71% 202,500


Bottom Line:

Just doing some quick math: for the payor to see an ROI greater than $15k, HNSS stock will need to jump to much higher levels and trade heavy in order to make a dime. Getting in HNSS under .01 could be impossible since it is sure to be one of the bigger intra-day gaining penny stocks of today’s trading session.

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