Here’s 2 Good Stocks To Buy Now Under $7: GLDD, DMD

If you were waiting for to buy the Facebook IPO and can’t decide what to do with your money until then, hare a couple of stocks which made headlines on Valentine’s Day and could show some “quick love” to your portfolio.

2 of the best stocks to buy now under $7, February 15, 2012, Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co. (NASDAQ: GLDD) and Demand Media Inc. (NYSE: DMD). Both were upgraded or initiated coverage to a “buy” rating or better recently from Wall Street analysts and both considered good stocks to buy under $7:

Upgraded To “Buy” Or Better

After winning a $1.2 Billion contract to dredge a 10.6 mile approach channel, maneuvering area, berth pockets and a tug harbor in Australia for Oil Giant Chevron yesterday, Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co. (NASDAQ: GLDD), who is to present earning on February 20th, was upgraded by analysts at DA Davidson from a “neutral” rating to a “buy” rating. DA Davidson now have a $8.50 price target on GLDD, up previously from $6.00.

GLDD One Year Stock Chart:

GLDD closed Valentine’s Day at $6.89, up 12.40% (+0.76). GLDD is trading -19.88% below its 52-week high, $8.60, 73.55% above its 52-week low, $3.97. GLDD has a 1-Yr Target Price of $7.75 with a Market Cap of $406.23 Million. The contract is huge for a company whose revenues have been between 154.95-158.47 Million for the last three quarters.

Initiated Coverage

The owner of, eHow, eNom and various other sites, Demand Media Inc. (NYSE: DMD), who is announcing earnings on February 16th, is now covered by analysts at Capstone Investments. Capstone Investments set a “buy” rating on DMD.

DMD One Year Stock Chart:

DMD, Which IPO’d Jan. 26, 2011 closed Tuesday at $6.05, down 3.04% (-0.19). DMD is trading -77.90% below its 52-week high, $27.38, 15.46% above its 52-week low, $5.24. DMD has a 1-Yr Target Price of $10.20 with a Market Cap of $494.20 Million.

How the world’s most anticipated IPO, Facebook, deals with the complaints users have expressed about the frequent changes Facebook makes to its platform and the legal ramifications Facebook has had to deal with recently due to security concerns can all be huge factors in determining whether the Facebook IPO pushes ahead to mirror the stock price of Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) or if it just winds up a becoming another DMD.

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