HJOE Stock and FHWY Stock Looking For Investor’s Energy

Two Companies that are focused on Energy Shots are getting some love today: Hangover Joe’s Holding Corp. (HJOE) and FITT Highway Products Inc. (FHWY). It’s not that either of the two are lighting up the trading screens, yet both deserve some attention as FHWY stock, a #2Flusher, has a serious amount of shares that need to be sold and HJOE stock will begin trading tomorrow after a reverse-merger with Accredited Members Holding Corp. (ACCM).

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About HJOE Stock

Hangover Joe’s, Inc. was a private Colorado corp until the reverse merger with ACCM and it’s about as sexy of an Energy Beverage as you could ever wish for. On July 25, 2012, the Company and HJOE closed the acquisition, and the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, AMHC Merger Corp., was merged with and into Hangover Joe’s for 83,514,827 shares. Upon the merger, AMHC filed for an additional 50,000,000 authorized shares to bring the total to 150,000,000 with shares outstanding still pegged at 35,746,531.

An officially licensed product of Warner Bros. “The Hangover” movie, Hangover Joe’s The Hangover Recovery Shot, the Company has become an overnight international sensation through their partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures and new distribution deals in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In just three years since its market debut, The Hangover Recovery Shot has become the #1 selling hangover recovery product in the U.S. helping young partiers and mature individuals alike to feel revived and alert the morning after an all-night bash or a few too many drinks with the boss or a client.

The Company’s product is currently distributed in nearly 30,000 retail locations in the U.S., including participating 7-Eleven stores, Racetrac, Loves Truck Stops, Valero, Hastings Entertainment, MGM Resorts, Harrah’s, Terrible’s Gas Stations, Stripes Convenience. The company also has licensing and distribution deals in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. This smells like a big fat Hansens, aka Monster Energy (MNST).

With the backing of a a Four-Star rating from BevNET Magazine, the leading beverage industry trade magazine, the Hangover Joe’s crew, complete with nurses to administer The Recovery Shot to guests, is a regular at major sporting events and concert gatherings around the U.S. And, unlike energy drinks and shots that rely on caffeine, The Hangover Recovery Shot contains only as much caffeine as a single cup of premium coffee to help anyone quickly feel revived and alert, without the exhausted crash later.

HJOE, currently priced at 0.07 is a must add to the list of penny stocks.

About FHWY Stock

According to reports issued by OTC Stock Review, FITT Highway Products, Inc. is a rising star looking to become the leader in the multi-billion dollar industry of energy drinks and energy shots. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We have all heard it before how this energy drink or that energy drink is going to dominate the market. But wait….

Better yet, don’t wait. FITT gets a nickel for every bottle of F.I.T.T. Energy sold which was set to debut in retail convenience stores in California and Nevada and is essentially the same formula as the Who’s Your Daddy® energy shot, but also contains additional ingredients which various scientific studies describe as having certain possible health and fitness benefits.

Prior to the Q2 of 2009, the Company manufactured on an outsource basis, marketed, and distributed both canned energy drinks and a two-ounce energy shot under the tradenames Who’s Your Daddy® and The King of Energy® which were suspended to focus on modifying the Who’s Your Daddy energy shot, changing its name first to “F.I.T.T. Energy With Resveratrol”, then to “F.I.T.T. Energy for Life”, and creating a marketing program targeting a broader demographic for this product. As of March 31, 2012, FITT Highway Products had $o cash and $0 sales.

As for their stock, Sacks Motor Sports, Inc. got 4,000,000 restricted shares of FHWY stock on top of the 1,000,000 free trading they already received to write off its previously recorded $1,790,000 judgment against the Company. They owe Christopher Wicks, former CEO of Omni Ventures (OMVE), $202,000 on a $252,000 note payable settlement agreement from February 1, 2008. In fact, according to a May announcement by the FITT Highway: Since 2010, the Company has reduced its balance sheet debt by $3,908,000 (inclusive of the settlement with Sacks Motor Sports, Inc.) either by debt compromise or conversion to equity. It has accomplished this through the issuance of 11,202,256 shares of its common stock and the payment of only $20,500 in cash. Also, in 2011, the Company has issued 4,500,000 shares to its two current employees as consideration for $415,000 of accrued but unpaid wages. Finally, the Company since 2010 has issued 13,720,000 common shares valued at $1,336,000 to service providers in lieu of cash payments for operating services.

FITT Highway had a negative working capital in excess of $5.1 million as of March 31, 2012 which included the $1,790,000 owed to Sacks. It’s about time this Company got sacked actually.

Bottom Line: The penny stock of Hangover Joes, HJOE, needs t be an immediate addition to your list. At 0.075, this is an easy triple or better. FHWY is not one we would waste anytime watching.

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