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New Penny Stocks, New Penny Stock, HKDZ stock, Hapykidz.comTraders have regained their confidence in penny stocks thanks in part to the performance of TagLikeMe Corp. (TAGG) and PacWest Equities Inc. (PWEI). After Awesome Penny Stocks raped traders’ liquidity with their fake-out promotions of Vision Plasma Systems Inc. (VLNX) and Global Karaoke Network Inc. (GKNI), each of which cost traders huge money, TAGG stock and PWEI stock scared many form ging long, but was able to rebuild the confidence in the group for the next fake-out. With the legal help so often connected to many of prior promotions, Inc. (HKDZ) is another one to watch out for.

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HKDZ Stock,, Carrillo Huettel LLP, Awesome Penny Stocks, Pump and Dump Alert, prepromotion penny stocksHKDZ Stock Structure

Authorized: 290,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 7,900,000

Beyond the 7.5 million shares owned by Chairman, President, Chief Executive Officer, and Secretary, Holli Morris, an additional 400,000 shares were sold, all on June 16, in 25 transactions: $1,600 each for 16,000 shares. (see here) The identity of those purchasers is yet to be known.

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The interest is not so much in whether HKDZ stock and their plans to become an e-commerce marketplace that connects merchants to consumers by offering daily discounts on goods and services through, but more so what it will become after they do the reverse merger and forward stock split. For the time being, just have the Carrillo Huettel, LLP prepared company on your watchlist for when the change in directors takes place. Look for a chance to get in early like many did with GRPH and many of the Awesome Penny Stocks promotions.

About HKDZ Stock, Inc. will be an Internet-based company that provides daily deals to consumers within Maricopa County, Arizona. The goal of the Company is to utilize the proven business models of companies such as Groupon® and Living Social® to design and develop a daily deal e-commerce company that will focus on the niche market of family-oriented merchants.

Although these pans may come to fruition one day, the Company will eventually be taken over via a reverse merger, have its name changed, possibly its ticker symbol also, and effect a massive forward stock split. After these actions have occurred, the new ticker symbol, if a change is effected to HKDZ, will be on the promotion watchlist with traders looking to load up early to sell on day one of the campaign.

Click here to view and keep up with the SEC filings for HKDZ.

Bottom Line: There is no typo in the name of the penny stock, That’s why it’s not named Keep HKDZ on your pre-promotion penny stock watch list

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