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HLNT Stock, Highline Technical Innovations, Hot penny stockWhen Obama becomes a penny stock analyst, his motto could be: “If you made profits on a penny stock, you didn’t make that happen – somebody else made that happen.” However, we know penny stocks and when traders who got into Highline Technical Innovations, Inc. (HLNT) before May, they were the ones who made these gains happen. Did somebody else, or something else, drive up HLNT stock to a new high Wednesday? Who cares if you’re swimming in profits on this “yield” sign issued pink sheet stock that traded over half a million dollars in volume in the last trading session.

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HLNT Stock, Highline Technical InnovationsHLNT Stock Chart

Market Cap: 60.59M
Close: 0.0235, up 0.0015 (6.82%)
Volume: 24,525,770
Dollar Volume: $567,103
High: 0.024
Low: 0.022
Trades: 204
Average Trade Size: 120,224
Authorized: 2,700,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 2,598,414,832

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Two weeks ago, Alternative Hydrogen Solutions, the exclusive seller of Highline Technical Innovations’ Hy-Impact™ line of fuel saving and harmful emissions reducing hydrogen systems, stated that Arkansas-based Technical Machining Services was named a preferred manufacturing partner. The machinist Company based in former U.S. President Bill Clinton’s state boasts itself as much more than a machine shop since they are an ISO 9002 compliant manufacturer of precision metal parts and assemblies.

This “I did not have sexual” relations is said to allow Alternative Hydrogen Solutions with quality production of the Hy-Impact™ system and solidify its chances to satisfy large volume commercial orders. This could help since HLNT lost ($379,129.13) for the three months ended June 30, 2012. A substantial amount of revenue would be needed to satisfy the appetite for all the outstanding shares.

It is said that TMS will work in conjunction with ISO9001/AS9100 certified Delta Group Electronics, another preferred manufacturing partner of the Hy-Impact line. Some investors may remember when Ecoland International (ECIT) that had some shady PR on Johnson Controls but gained like a champion, a 10-bagger. Until some more current financial data can lift the yield sign designation from their OTCMarkets listing, HLNT could see some trouble.

About HLNT Stock

Highline Technical Innovations Inc. is dedicated to producing innovative, high quality products that are economical and reduce environmental impact. In 2012, The Company joined forces with Alternative Hydrogen Systems Group Sales and Marketing LLC, a firm focused on introducing the latest in cost-saving and environmentally responsible technology to industries that rely heavily on the consumption of fossil fuels. The Company is focused onbringing the revolutionary HY-Impact line of fuel saving and emissions reducing devices to market.

Bottom Line: HLNT is a smokin hot penny stock right now and perfect for flipping. If you had a chance to buy and hold HLNT stock prior to them reaching the one-cent mark, consider yourself both lucky and warned. Nearly 3 billion shares outstanding can not sustain this level of positive momentum without some form of imminent pull back.

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