Hot Penny Stock: Regency Resources (RSRS) To Be Digidev

Shares in the penny stock of Regency Resources (OTC: RSRS) should see some action today as the company announced its Breakthrough Business Model. The development stage company that aims to offer content for Internet Television distribution has been the focus of many penny stock alerts over the weekend touting RSRS as one of the best penny stocks to buy. Shares of RSRS stock are set to open on the penny market today at around $1.04 on the back of the announcement of the new name of the company: Digidev.

Regency Resources was the focus of one of our free penny stock picks last week as we highlighted an alert during the trading session when the stock reached as low as 82 cents. With today’s announcement that RSRS is subject to the close of the proposed merger between Regency Resources and Digitally Distributed Acquisition Corp. (“DDAC”), shares should see some heavy volume compared to the last trading sessions.

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RSRS will be moving ahead under the operating trade name Digital Development Group (“Digidev”) as management believes this name best exemplifies the future plans for Regency Resources’ efforts. As such, Digidev plans to submit a request for a formal name change and new penny stock trading symbol pursuant to the close of merger.

Digidev (RSRS) also announced that in addition to converting digital content held by large global film libraries, RSRS will facilitate the development of a string of niche content providers. Through those, RSRS will deploy digital content around the world.

Digidev’s novel distribution model ushers in a new era of “Micro Channel” opportunities which, until now, has never before available in the entertainment industry. RSRS plans to haul in its consumer base with a global audience by facilitating the distribution of thousands of shows and films focused on highly targeted, demographically defined, audiences and markets.

See Announcement of Regency Resources Name Change and Plans here.

Bottom Line: If don’t already have RSRS on your list of penny stocks to buy, watch, or to bookmark so that you can go back to it and say: “I wish I would have bought that when it was….,” do it now. Digidev is gonna be one sexy ass penny stock.

The chances of Digidev’s RSRS penny stock becoming the next FOX or HBO are about the same as you and your loved ones living on the moon selling moon pies to all the tourists that come in each space shuttle visit. Does that mean that there isn’t money to be made? Hell no! RSRS is already making money for our subscribers who took advantage of the 85 cent alerts on the penny stock. Now the question begs were you one of those subscribers for our free penny stock picks or do you need to become one?


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