Hot Penny Stocks: Time to Sell Sunpeaks Ventures (SNPK)

Shares in the highly promoted hot penny stock of Sunpeaks Ventures, Inc. (OTCBB: SNPK) could soon begin to follow the path of North Springs Resources (NSRS). Sunpeaks Ventures share price climbed to its highest level last week at $1.13 in the SNPK penny stock. The company announced during the long weekend together with its blah blah blah subsidiary Healthcare Distribution Specialists, LLC  that HDS has entered into a sponsorship agreement with a major pro sports team. Hello. That costs tens of millions to do such a thing.

Apparently, the penny stock SNPK will be a sponsor for major sports team in order to market Clotamin. The agreement supposedly includes advertising, media, and promotional elements to it. How stupid do you need to be to think that Sunpeaks Ventures is going to spend tens of millions for marketing initiatives so that Clotamin can launch its product in a whopping 79 Walgreens stores in Oregon and southern Washington.

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SNPK has now grown to a market capitalization of $475.17 Million with 420.5 Million shares outstanding. Don’t forget, SNPK did a 45:1 Forward split in December, 2011 (see here). In the last trading session there were 3,482 trades executed with an average trade size of 3,413 shares.

The 52 Week High for the penny stock SNPK was set in the last trading session: (4/5/2012) 1.15. The 52 Week Low in the hot penny stock currently is (3/16/2012) 0.29 but will surely be much less than that in the coming days/weeks.

SNPK Stock 5, 10, 20 Day Look:

5 Day % Change 19.07%
5 Day SMA 0.94
5 Day Avg Vol 15,138,516

10 Day % Change 71.21%
10 Day SMA 0.84
10 Day Avg Vol 11,771,864

20 Day % Change 162.79%
20 Day SMA 0.73
20 Day Avg Vol 19,893,128

As you may be aware, promotions behind OTC penny stocks are, were and always will be the main momentum driver. In saying that, you should be aware that the monthly promotional campaign on Sunpeaks Ventures (SNPK) by Eric Van’s family of websites is almost over. Vacant promotional space cannot stay empty in the OTC world and rumors are already flying around as to who will be the next big promotion.

Getting back to the press release that came out on the 6th, SNPK‘s HDS, in conjunction with Walgreens, will have the right (but not the obligation) to make use of the Team name and Team logo in connection with all Clotamin advertising retail displays to be placed at Walgreens locations in the Portland, Oregon, metropolitan area. They are probably gonna have a picture of Len Bias holding a bottle of Clotamin with a phrase: He would be playing for this team if he had had Clotamin during his time with the Celtics.

If you read these press releases and the SEC filing correctly (see here), SNPK and HDS have an agreement which is not yet finalized as there is nothing but references to “the Closing date”, so when the SNPK dump reaches its peak, or valley, HDS can walk away from it and say they agreed not to agree and that’s it. We profiled SNPK in detail weeks ago. Read it here.

About Sunpeaks Ventures, Inc. (From the most recent 10-Q)

Sunpeaks Ventures Inc. (the “Company”) was incorporated in the State of Nevada on June 25, 2009 and is a natural resource exploration and production company engaged in the exploration, acquisition, and development of oil and gas properties in the United States. The Company is an exploration stage company as defined by Financial Accounting Standards Board (“FASB”) Accounting Standards Codification (“ASC”) 915, Development Stage Entities. In June 2009, the Company acquired a 1.28571% interest in three wells located in Pottawatomie, Oklahoma (the “Pottawatomie Wells”) in exchange for $10,000.  The Company’s plan of operations over the next twelve months is to raise financing to explore and develop the Pottawatomie Wells acquired by the Company.

Bottom Line: SNPK might be a hot penny stock for another day or two before they pull the plug and dump shares which have been holding the stock afloat since day 5 of the promotion. Considering the market very well may tank on the back of Friday’s jobs report, Monday could be the day when SNPK free-falls.

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No one except the insiders know the exact day the bottom will fall but when it does, you don’t want to be one of those people doing a Google search under the phrase: “SNPK Scam” “Can I Sell My SNPK Stock” “Is Clotamin Real”


Back to who is going to fill the vacant spot when the SNPK promo is over: Rumor has it – R_F__.

************* has all ingredients to be the next ONE: junior exploration company, oil & gas sector, typical “OTC runner” geo location – Vancouver and Toronto, etc., etc., etc.

********** (R_F__)
Paul ********, Chairman & CEO
6 ******* Street, Suite 700
Toronto, Ontario Canada ***-***

******* Office
**** J. *******, President
**** Building
*** **** ******* Street, Suite ****
Vancouver, BC Canada ***-***
Website: www.*********.com

The company recently signed a LOI with the group developing something somewhere. The company will continue to seek out additional properties that combine positive elements of short-term exploration & development costs with high potential for long-term success & financial return. We see no sense to bother you with more details.  Rumor has it; That’s all.

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