How Can DC Brands International (HRDN) Pay For Pot?

HRDN Stock, HRDN Stock Quote, $HRDN, #HRDN, DC Brands International Inc., After trading over 1 billion shares on Friday despite supposedly having just over 10 million issued and outstanding, the sub penny stock of DC Brands International Inc. (HRDN) is crumbling on marijuana news. Looking to become a financier of pot projects in Colorado, traders are not really buying the hype of HRDN stock knowing the former beverages and health products driven company barely can afford to run an electric fan in their office. Perhaps the lack of actual ownership in any licensed Colorado grower has investors skittish or it could simply be that there are better scams in the cannabis sector to be playing.

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HRDN, HRDN Stock, HRDN Stock Quote, HRDN Stock Chart, $HRDN, #HRDN, DC Brands International Inc., HRDN Stock Quote

Market Cap: You Figure It Out
Last: 0.0013 ▲ +0.0002 (+18.18%)
Volume: 143,815,285
Dollar Volume: $183,336
Open: 0.0011
High: 0.0015
Low: 0.001
Trades: 176
Authorized: 5,000,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 310,667,572
14-Day Rel Strength: 77.53%
1st Resistance Point: 0.0015
1st Support Level: 0.001

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DC Brands International has been a disgrace to the investment world for some time now as evidenced in their last Q filing for the period ended September 30, 2013 whereby total assets, $171,321, were but a pimple on the ass of their total liabilities, $9,214,109. Their HRDN stock has been no better having only just over a month ago taken itself out of the 0.001 – 0.0002 trading range despite having just come off a 1-for-100 reverse stock split; their 2nd for 2013 and 5th since being temporarily suspended by the SEC back in March, 2007.

Considering that DC Brands International coincidentally was not able to file their 10-K on time and requested a 15 day extension on Monday of last week, the timing of the PR from the Company that had $487 as of September 30, 2013 is going to finance marijuana companies is priceless. Fireworks lit up the HRDN screen on Friday when news came out and today’s reaction on HRDN stock is bringing in more cash to the sellers than their POS Village Tea sales ever did.

The news circulated of DC Brands International becoming pot bankers after months of complete radio silence from the tea-making company. Abandoning their unsuccessful ‘functional beverages’ business and provide accounting, payroll and tax payment services is about the only good news to actually come to HRDN.

This kind of PR dropping worked for dozens of tickers in February and March so Bob Armstrong, the CEO and CFO of DC Brands International dropped the 2nd key phrase that comes after “focus on marijuana” to help build the bubble up even bigger: “maximize our shareholder value.” Creating DC Brands Green Investments, LLC to provide accounting, security, compliance, payroll processing and tax payment services to fully licensed Colorado medical and recreational marijuana businesses may all be on the up and up.

However, when they speak f a $1,000,000 commitment and closing on a contract with their first client within the next 30 days all that they mean is that former CEO, Richard Pearce, will be converting his $1,000,000 note payable into HRDN stock at a 60% discount since he damn sure isn’t getting his 5 cents per cap or 2 1/2 cents each for each bottle cap sold on H.A.R.D. Nutrition bottles.

HRDN, HRDN Stock, HRDN Stock Quote, HRDN Stock Chart, $HRDN, #HRDN, DC Brands International Inc.,

About HRDN Stock

DC Brands International, Inc., together with its subsidiary, DC Nutrition, Inc., is a development stage company previously engaged in manufacturing, marketing, and distributing health related products that utilize natural botanicals, vitamins, minerals, and supplements.

Click here to view the SEC filings for HRDN.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
04/07/14 0.0011 0.0015 0.0010 0.0013 +0.0002 +18.18% 121,678,336
04/04/14 0.0010 0.0018 0.0009 0.0011 +0.0003 +37.50% 1,296,080,625
04/03/14 0.0006 0.0009 0.0005 0.0008 +0.0002 +33.33% 154,191,906
04/02/14 0.0007 0.0007 0.0005 0.0006 -0.0001 -14.29% 43,624,699
04/01/14 0.0007 0.0007 0.0005 0.0007 unch unch 38,149,902


Bottom Line:

Newly created marijuana penny stocks have lost a bit of their luster as we rapidly approach the most important day on the pot smoking calendar: April 20, aka 420. With the reaction HRDN stock has gotten, it proves that too much supply( too many fake sub penny marijuana stocks) and only a limited amount of demand, the days are certainly numbered for how many more of these we will be seeing.

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