How Hardcore Is Ener-Core, Inc. (ENCR) Trying To Be?

ENCR stock, Ener-Core Inc.Did you know that Billions of consumers worldwide will benefit from the incredible breakthrough technology Ener-Core, Inc. (ENCR) has developed – and they wont even need to buy one share of the penny stock? That’s the message Capital Gains Alert is screaming with their “Urgent Buy Alert” on ENCR stock. However, having successfully completed a demonstration project of the Ener-Core 250 kW Powerstation at the Department of Defense’s Fort Benning, GA Army post, hints of tracking the Company’s progress are as worthy as tracking Save The World Air Inc. (ZERO).

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Market Cap: 58.04M
Last: 0.79 ▼ -0.005 (-0.63%)
Volume: 28,180
Open: 0.795
High: 0.80
Low: 0.79
Authorized: 200,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 72,554,174
Officers and Directors: 36,225,836
1st Resistance Point: 0.81
1st Support Level: 0.78

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Highlighted in recently circulated email alerts which direct you to this page, Ener-Core could be the kind of story worrisome Americans want to see in their mailboxes detailing their patented and patent pending Gradual Oxidizer products and technology which allow for the extraction of energy from previously unusable low Btu fuels, while significantly reducing harmful pollutants and creating useful energy products such as heat and electricity.

Initiated as InventTech Inc. in March, 2011 with the legal assistance of David M. Loev and John S. Gillies of The Loev Law Firm, PC, Ener-Core became the ship to sail prior to the 30-for-1 split on May 7, 2013. The Loev boat connection is all some traders need to see before thinking ENCR stock can hit the $2.50 target Carl Delfeld touts in the report.

Yet, giving benefit to the doubt, Ener-Core did have a healthy balance sheet as per their most recent filing ($763,170 in cash, $2,032,840 in total assets, $514,609 in total liabilities). The 424B3 filing for the sale of 7,537,949 shares of ENCR stock from shareholders wouldn’t really cause too much of a crunch either since it’s roughly 10% of the issued and outstanding and only approximately 20% of the public float.

So IF their Ener-Core 250 kW Powerstation is the eventual direction chosen as a solution to offer both methane pollution control and energy generation, converted previously wasted landfill gas into enough renewable electricity to power 250-300 homes, ENCR cold be a real winner. IF it’s true that the clean energy produced at Fort Benning contained near-zero emissions of NOx and served to reduce both the Army’s carbon footprint and its bottom line from the conducted test, ENCR stock could be a real winner.

The only problem is penny stocks touted in hard mails tend to get halted or have glass ceilings which keeps the share price at a level not worth risking the capital for.

ENCR, ENCR Stock, Ener-Core Inc.,ENCR Stock Quote, ENCR Stock Promotion,Capital Gains Alert, Carl Delfeld, Champlain Media LLC, Alliance Financial Media Inc., David M. Loev,John S. Gillies,The Loev Law Firm PC

About ENCR Stock

Ener-Core. Inc. is a development stage company focused on designing, developing, and manufacturing Gradual Oxidizer products and technology that aim to expand power generation into previously uneconomical markets, while, at the same time, reducing the emissions of gases produced from industrial processes that contribute to air pollution and climate change.

Click here to view the SEC filings for ENCR.
Click here to view the website for Ener-Core.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
03/04/14 0.8100 0.8100 0.7800 0.7950 +0.0050 +0.63% 18,800
03/03/14 0.7800 0.8000 0.7750 0.7900 +0.0100 +1.28% 163,400
02/28/14 0.7700 0.7800 0.7700 0.7800 +0.0100 +1.30% 30,600
02/27/14 0.7600 0.7700 0.7500 0.7700 +0.0100 +1.32% 40,400
02/26/14 0.7499 0.7600 0.7499 0.7600 unch unch 138,000


Bottom Line:

ENCR has been an actively traded penny stock for a few months already. With more of the public becoming aware of ENCR stock thanks to the hired help the likes of StreetAuthority and a few others, an increase in volume is almost certain, whereas an increase in share price is somewhat doubtful.

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