How Soon Will Greenhouse Solutions (GRSU) Sprout?

GRSU Stock, Greenhouse Solutions Inc.,A new marijuana penny stock hit the OTC this past week which has some traders thinking of buying shares in it might be a smart thing to do. Greenhouse Solutions Inc. (GRSU), for the most part, debuted on Monday, April 28th, but has done nothing as of yet to inform the investment world of their existence except report their changes in operations and directorship appointments to the SEC like good little boys. With a price tag stated for 62,000 shares of GRSU stock which have been sold, but not yet issued, the recent linkage to a Coloradian with ties to Morgan Stanley Global Wealth Management leads many to wonder if now is the time to strike or if waiting until the kettle gets hot is better.

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Market Cap: 35.57M
Last: 0.41 ▲ +0.0100 (+2.50%)
Volume: 6,000
Dollar Volume: $2,460
Open: 0.41
High: 0.41
Low: 0.41
Trades: 3
14-Day RSI: N/A
1st Resistance Point: N/A
1st Support Level: N/A
52Wk High: 0.45
52Wk Low: 0.40

With a similar approach to the cannabis industry that Growlife Inc. (PHOT) has, Greenhouse Solutions is bent on becoming an all-inclusive solution to the expansion and efficiency of hydroponic and agricultural businesses nationwide. With marijuana one-way or another legal in over 20 states already and more to come in the coming months, the yet-to-produce revenue start-up is planning on utilizing state of the art technology and innovations to get growers interested in their products in order to keep their prospective customer base both efficient and ahead of the game.

Now, in order for that to happen, Greenhouse Solutions is going to have to do better than sell 62,000 shares of GRSU stock in a private placement for $0.50 per share if they plan to raise enough capital to actually have any assets at all. Since their last Q filing for the 3 and 9 months ended December 31, 2013 showed that assets were nil, $0, any possibility of GRSU suddenly becoming the hottest new marijuana stock are thrown right out the window.

What is more likely to occur is this: Greenhouse Solutions will file their 10-K for the year ended March 31, 2014 and show little change to what is already present in their current Q filing. The first PR will be issued about how the Company, run by Pramuan Upatcha, owner and chef of his own restaurant in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, has enrolled John George Michak III to their Board of Directors and is currently negotiating with suppliers or vendors for their “state-of-the-art” solution to the design, build, implementation, production, and expansion of all variations of indoor, outdoor and greenhouse agricultural business.

Greenhouse Solutions did already issue a PR, but that was back in November, 2010 after the Company entered into a Product Development contract with Korus Enterprises Inc., a private company, to develop three greenhouse models for the Company’s Urban Gardening Kits to be called:

  • “Kitchen Helper” for a balcony set up with 3-6 square feet of usable space;
  • “Gardener Solution” for a balcony set up with 10-15 square feet of usable space;
  • “Chef’s Inspiration” for a backyard set up with 20-35 square feet of usable space.

Greenhouse Solutions actually generated revenue from sales of $40,034 prior to 2011 when they began to do the CEO shuffle, but new PR is what is going to create a sudden burst of interest in GRSU stock. This is when eyes will be flocking towards GRSU shares, but what they will miss seeing is that during the period inception, (April 8, 2009) to December 31, 2013, Greenhouse Solutions issued 42,360,000 shares of GRSU at $0.00083 per share for total proceeds of $35,300. This, and the ties to George Dory, one of the former CEOs who hales from Rue Des Uttins 1d, Morges, Vaud, Switzerland 1110, is as much a clue that GRSU stock will get pumped, most likely by a boiler room due to to connection of Dory having had bought control of the Company from Michael Grischenko and Natalya Lastovka for $62,000 back on September 9, 2011.

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GRSU, GRSU Stock, GRSU Stock Quote, GRSU Stock Price, GRSU Stock Chart, GRSU report, $GRSU, #GRSU, Greenhouse Solutions Inc.,George Dory,Michael Grischenko,Natalya Lastovka,Pramuan Upatcha,John George Michak III

About GRSU Stock

Greenhouse Solutions Inc. is a development stage, start-up company involved in the sale and distribution of urban gardening products and greenhouses on the North American Market.

Click here to view the SEC filings for GRSU.
Click here to view the website for Greenhouse Solutions.

Authorized: 200,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 86,760,000

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
05/02/14 0.4100 0.4100 0.4100 0.4100 +0.0100 +2.50% 6,000
04/30/14 0.4100 0.4100 0.4000 0.4000 -0.0500 -11.11% 10,400
04/29/14 0.4100 0.4500 0.4100 0.4500 +0.0500 +12.50% 10,400
04/28/14 0.4000 0.4000 0.4000 0.4000 -0.0500 -11.11% 49,900
04/24/14 0.4500 0.4500 0.4500 0.4500 unch unch 200


Bottom Line:

GRSU belongs with GBLX on the “penny stocks to see some action soon” shelf unless the $0.50 subscribed through private placement price tag is a strong enough indicator to try and front this pot ticker. From the looks of their recently uploaded website, the inclusion of an “investors” tab signifies that GRSU stock damn sure is going to be called upon very soon or calling you to call upon it by today’s version of Jordan Belfort. Why else would you create a website that can be translated into the languages of the most called upon countries for boiler room victims outside the U.S. when you’re plan is simply to do business in the U.S.?
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