INNO | Innocap Is The OTC Version Of A Hidden Treasure

INNO Stock, OTC INNO, NNO Stock Quote, Innocap Inc., Paul Tidwell, Flor de la Mar,Looking to find a hidden treasure on the OTC Markets? Perhaps you don’t have to look much further than the penny stock of Innocap Inc. (INNO) whose CEO and President, Paul Tidwell, has been the focal point of some films shown on networks like the History Channel and Discovery Channel. An expert in finding sunken boats with hidden treasures in them from days long gone, INNO stock is getting active enough to light up the radar screens of those who know a real good penny stock when they find one.

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Market Cap: 37.28M
Last: 0.35 ▲ 0.05 (16.7%)
Volume: 36,825
Dollar Volume: $11,169
Open: 0.30
High: 0.35
Low: 0.30
Trades: 12
Authorized: 190,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 106,500,000
Paul Tidwell: 71,106,490 (66.8%)

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Almost a year ago, during Paul Tidwell’s visit to the Philippines, Innocap and Save Olotayan Inc. agreed to work together in finding some sunken boats said to have contained hidden treasures in them at various sites throughout Panay Island, Philippines. The salvage/recovery efforts of any shipwreck artifacts found are stated to be split 80%/20% in favor of Innocap.

There are an abundance of dive containing sunken ships all over the coastlines of the Philippines which is the 2nd reason why most men travel to the country of 7,107 islands. Sunken ships off the coast of the S.E. Asian country can be traced back to 15th century explorer Ferdinand Magellan who killed during the Battle of Mactan, Cebu back in 1521.

While this isn’t the only project they took on, and they aren’t the only treasure hunters out there doing this, some of the proposed projects Innocap is contemplating taking on include:

· The right to assist in the sale or auction the existing Indonesian Government inventory of ancient Chinese Porcelain.
· The right to undertake an exploration to find the Flor de la Mar, a Portuguese ship that sank in 1511 with a rumored large cargo of treasures.
· The right to participate in the salvage of the contents of the Flor de la Mar.
· The right to sell or auction all or a portion of the contents salvaged from the Flor de la Mar.
· A program to salvage/recover shipwreck artifacts at various sites throughout Panay Island, Philippines.
· A program to salvage a Japanese submarine sunk during World War ll.

The Flor de la Mar project has the sweetest sound to it. Part of an era of exploration, colonization, and exploitation, the ship was built in 1502, weighing 400 tons, and made for traveling from Portugal to India and back, it was twice the size of other ships that had gone on the run.

The 3 masted, 6 sail, square-rigged on the foremast and mainmast and lateen-rigged on the mizzenmast vessel which saw its hull travel through thousands of miles of ocean waters helped to open the riches of distant countries far away to European conquerors. Famous relatives to the Flor de la Mar include Columbus’ Santa Maria, Vasco de Gama’s São Gabriel, and Magellan’s Victoria.

Said to be carrying, during its last voyage, the largest treasure ever assembled by the Portuguese navy, the Flor de la Mar ran aground off the coast of Sumatra with 60 tons of gold from the house of the Sultan of Malacca, another rumored 200 gem chests filled with diamonds, rubies and emeralds, and countless other rare artifacts of the Captain’s own fortune, Alonso de Albuquerque.

While most people alive today remember when they found and brought up artifacts from the Titanic, the money to be made finding one of Innocap’s listed projects could come out to be in the multi-billions. Since the Company will have to raise capital to undertake each project, the only two ways that’s going to happen is by selling stock or guaranteeing with it in the form of a note. Either way, the real possibilities and recent trading activity make discovering INNO stock a real buried treasure which could have some summertime gold value to it.

About INNO Stock

Innocap Inc. is focused on finding and assisting in the salvage of sunken ships.

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Trading History for INNO:

% Change Volume
06/03/13 0.3000 +0.0500 +20.00% 1,000
05/31/13 0.2500 +0.0800 +47.06% 4,000
04/17/13 0.1700 +0.0200 +13.33% 15,000


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Bottom Line:

INNO is the kind of penny stock that gets turned into a bedtime story for children. Just imagine if Tidwell was to embark and succeed on finding any of the listed projects they have on the drawing board: INNO stock could make a fortune for anyone willing to take the risk on it.

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