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VLDI WarningIn an effort to capture the funds of new to penny stocks traders, the Wolf went in for the slaughter on Wednesday by calling Validian Corp. (OTCQB: VLDI) his “New Multi-Day BREAKOUT Pick.”  Less than a week after alerting on BlastGard International, Inc. (BLGA) which looked good from far, but was far from good, VLDI stock became the newest release for the iHub pop-up advertiser who has plans for this ticker being one of the Epic Stock Picks for the month.  With round two coming from the remaining portion of the group accounts to allow for the multitude of convertible shares to be bagged into retail accounts, cybersecurity measures should begin by assessing the risks of how BLGA stock volume suddenly disappeared.

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VLDI Stock


If you have ever heard of Norton Security or Kaspersky, then you already have a pretty clear idea of what Validian Corp. is trying to become.  Having yet to make any sales at all with their claims to provide software products to assist public and private enterprises addressing the increasingly complex issues surrounding the protection of digital information and application security, it takes little to no sense to see that this is simply a pump and dump effort.

The company’s filings describe the Validian Protect as “a software only Intrusion Prevention and Dynamic Policy Management system that enables secure remote storage, access and transfer of digital information with variable compression on wired, wireless or mobile networks over the Internet, and helps to protect mission-critical applications against hack attacks and unauthorized access, which often occur at the application.”  The play on words about what Norton Security and Kaspersky already do successfully and the timing of the recent Ashley Madison data breach allows for a sexy enough story to justify the $50,000 “The Wolf”, aka Epic Stock Picks, received to pump VLDI stock.

The first item to review is the 10-K filed back in April which shows that CEO and sole director, Bruce I. Benn, owned just barely over 1% of his own company when the issued and outstanding was 329,272,476.  Another fellow, Leonid Frenkel, held 30,046,559, or 9.1%, of the total issued at the time of filing.  Since then, another 37,414,521 were issued to bring the total to 366,686,997 as of August 15 – with much more to come.

As of June 30, 2015, total liabilities for Validian were $10,976,225, $494,459 less than what was reported as the balance on December 31, 2014.  Take into account that during the six months ended June 30, 2015, the Company issued $203,500 of its convertible promissory notes for cash, so the reduction plus the addition without any cash coming in to pay for these debts shows that some cheap shares are what unbeknownst traders are buying right now.  The largest of the newly issued VLDI shares stem from converting 10% senior convertible notes booked as $253,500 of note principal and $742,116 of accrued interest into 33,187,213 shares, $0.0076 per share.

Subsequent to the end of the Company’s Q2 filing, even more shares were converted into VLDI stock and some issued for consulting services “rendered and to be rendered.” While the amounts are small in comparison to the 33.19 million mentioned above, there’s is still plenty of room considering the 700,000,000 authorized is only about 60-65% issued.  With $383,543 in dollar volume, 7,028,648 in share volume, one has to figure that they got to move about $150,000 worth for the $50,000 ACS Financial paid for the pumping.

NOTE:  At the closing bell yesterday, a PR was issued by Blastgaurd:

BlastGard International, Inc. (OTC: BLGA) (“BlastGard” or the “Company”) was informed by OTC Markets Group that certain promotional material on BlastGard International was distributed earlier in the week without our knowledge or consent by and which resulted in a significant increase in the daily trading volume of our common stock.

Since acquiring HighCom Security, Inc. in January 2011, BlastGard’s focus has been on cleaning up its balance sheet and growing the company. For the past 5 years, BlastGard has not engaged any investor relation or public relation entity to promote the growth of BlastGard during this time. BlastGard’s position is not to comment on promotional material such as found on these aforementioned websites.

The OTC Market Group has placed a temporary skull and cross bone on its website associated with our OTCQB symbol, due to the increased trading activity. BlastGard has been advised that the OTC Markets Group’s process is to monitor BlastGard’s trading activity along with the promotion sites and make a determination at that point as to whether OTC Markets believes a public interest concern still exists and to remove the skull and cross bone when it determines it is appropriate, which is usually for a period not in excess of 30 days.

As Thursday’s opening bell nears, the support portion of the VLDI stock pump commences to avoid the disastrous BLGA day 2 from occurring, an effort which should produce about half the volume of what Wednesday showed.  Seeing as how BLGA was quick to receive that caveat emptor “skull and crossbones” from OTC Markets, Canadians buying this Canadian based wannabe security software company had best secure their sales before they aren’t able to trade the ticker and wind up holding the bag like a lot of the sheep following the Wolf will be doing come Friday.

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