Is Drinks Americas Holdings, Ltd. (DKAM) Too Cheap?

DKAM Stock, Drinks Americas Inc., Drinks Americas HoldingsIf you’re like me, whereas you enjoy a smooth, non-typical beer after a solid meal, then the penny stock of Drinks Americas Holdings, Ltd. (DKAM) should be on our to-do list this week. Although hey are nearly a year late on any financial filings, the mere threat that their could actually be just under 30 million shares of DKAM stock outstanding is worth cracking open a trade for it. With today’s news of the Company teaming up with Prime Wine & Spirits of Georgia to bring the entire state the first and only Mexican Craft Beer, Day of the Dead, the timing of a circuit promo launch couldn’t offer a better chance for an easy money doubler.

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DKAM Stock ChartDKAM Stock Quote

Market Cap: 221.14K
Last: 0.0079 ▲ +0.0004 (+5.33%)
Volume: 10,185,615
Dollar Volume: $83,945
Open: 0.009
High: 0.01
Low: 0.0078
Trades: 269
Authorized: 900,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 29,485,304
14-Day Rel Strength: 54.21%
1st Resistance Point: 0.0093
1st Support Level: 0.0071

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Beverage focused penny stocks have been some of the biggest winners in the history of the OTC. ever since Monster Energy Corp. (MNST) went from 0.60 to over $100, traders have made sure to take notice when any beverage related ticker gets some action and Drinks Americas Holdings DKAM has been on the rise for over a month already.

At the start of November, traders could have scooped up shares of DKAM stock for as little as 0.002. After running a month long banner ad campaign on iHub, DKAM flirted with staying up above 0.01 with 2 tests to try and break through the sub-penny glass ceiling. The real questions are “just how many shares are out there and what do sales numbers look like?”

Having yet to file their 10-K fr the 2 months ended April 30, 2013, the only reliable numbers to go on are the ones from the 3 ad 9 months ended January 31, 2013. Sure revenues were booming having increased from $2,535,669 for the 9 months ended January 31, 2012 to $4,426,065 for the 9 months ended January 31, 2013, but so did their liabilities due to a number of loans and acquisitions. The real downside could be to find out that 200 million shares have been issued since their last filing, but then again, if sales from all their distribution agreements can counter that, the balance would likely be a share price above 0.02.

Traders just need current data to be able to get a better grip on DKAM at the current levels.

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About DKAM Stock

Drinks Americas Holdings, Ltd., through their wholly owned subsidiary, Drinks Americas Holdings, Inc., is a develpment stage company which distributes and markets unique premium alcoholic
beverages to beverage wholesalers throughout the United States and internationally.

Click here to view the financial filings for DKAM.
Click here to view the website for Drinks Americas.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
01/03/14 0.0071 0.0077 0.0070 0.0075 unch unch 1,490,500
01/02/14 0.0079 0.0079 0.0070 0.0075 +0.0001 +1.35% 2,059,400
12/31/13 0.0079 0.0079 0.0073 0.0074 -0.0005 -6.33% 1,149,600
12/30/13 0.0082 0.0082 0.0070 0.0079 unch unch 2,195,500
12/27/13 0.0080 0.0084 0.0078 0.0079 +0.0001 +1.28% 1,206,400


Bottom Line:

This month should be a big one for beverage penny stocks and DKAM is just too damn cheap to avoid watching. PSShark and a couple of other “Z” list groups went out on DKAM stock today and did little to increase awareness. Now that the ice is atleast broken, expecting to see bigger and better groups go out on it could spell instant double or triple digit gains for patient traders.

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