Is GroGenesis (GROG) Sure To Be A Biblical Penny Stock?

GROG Stock, Agriboost, GroGenesis,GroGenesis Inc., GROG Stock PriceSurfactants: compounds that lower the surface tension (or interfacial tension) between two liquids or between a liquid and a solid.  This will be an agricultural product you will become very educated about as son as the penny stock of GroGenesis, Inc. (GROG) commences trading and rises up like a big fat beefsteak tomato.  Having just reversed into a shell and split 25-for-1 into what was supposed to be beach front eating establishments on the beaches on Goa, India, GROG stock should begin 2014 on everyone’s watchlist in the hopes that some awareness will “Agriboost” the share price.

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GROG Stock Quote

Market Cap: N/A
Last: Not Yet Trading
Authorized: 75,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: TBD
Joseph Fewer: 15,000,000
Steven Moseley: 5,000,000

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Incubated on July 26, 2010 with the legal assistance of Thomas E. Stepp, Jr. of the Stepp Law Corporation, what was once Lisboa Leisure, Inc. is now GroGenesis, Inc.  Ms. Maria Fernandes, the founder of Lisboa Leisure held 3,800,000 pre-split shares (95,000,000 post-split) which will likely be cancelled prior to any trading activity occurring on what is sure to be a real bloomer of a penny stock.

With farms in Aylmer, Ontario and Paris, Tennessee, plant growth surfactant manufacture and sales business, sold under the name “GroGenesis” or “AgriBoost”, will become an instant hit with investors who, like a seedling, decide to get into GROG stock early and sell before the “great harvest”.  Joseph Fewer of Aylmer, Ontario and Steven Moseley of Paris, Tennessee have come together on this deal and apparently already have 94 existing clients which Mosley will retain the right to profit exclusively from sales to them.

There is already a plethora of products in the market being sold as Agriboost, a product made of ground, all-natural minerals and materials, including zeolites,palagonite, olivine and calcite, all of which are derived from balsatic ash.  By stimulating root growth and releases primary, secondary and micronutrients to the plant on demand, ultimately improving plant growth and yield, the permanent propating agent, and its nutrients are water insoluble (slow release), which allows the product to maintain its boosting qualities through multiple growing cycles, could actually be pumped as a hot new marijuana stock.

Whatever direction they go, the share structure of GROG and the capabilities of timing the promotional season, early Spring, with the subliminal visions of “growth” should be more than adequate to stimulate a price hike when this gets going.  Keeping that one row on the watchlist for GROG stock could be one of the smarter moves made to start 2014.

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About GRGO Stock

GroGenesis, Inc. is a development stage company focused on the manufacture and sales of a plant surfactant compound that lowers the surface tension between a liquid and a solid in order to allow for more efficient nutrient uptake in the plant.

Click here to view the SEC filings for GROG.
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Bottom Line:

Keep an eye out on GROG stock for the shares to begin trading. The bid on the sure-to-be promoted penny stock is currently just 0.13 which would be a steal of a deal if one could get in at that price.

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