Is It Worth Flipping A Coin On Nano Labs Corp. (CTLE)?

When the NYSE went down yesterday due to whatever conspiracy theory supports the “technical glitch” statements which were said to be the cause, Nano Labs Corp. (OTC PINK: CTLE) missed out on a golden opportunity to blag how their March JVA with ET3M Group could have prevented it.  Knowing that CTLE stock is due to be promoted today and exceed their 922,058 30-Day average volume, the nanotechnology focused company could have taken to the PR wires and stolen the spotlight about how “both companies are currently working together to outline the commercial scope and address market potential worth billions of dollars.”  

Although the opportunity was missed to do such, the chances of a rare “green” trading session will still be a huge gain for the holders of those 16 convertible notes.


CTLE Chart


Before digging into too deep as to what CTLE is all about and why it’s down -63% over the past month, it’s better to know that Nano Labs Corp. is a research and development company which started in October 2012, and which has been able to access resources that encompass nearly 30 years of research and development, as well as hundreds of peer-reviewed published research papers and other scholarly material.  The reason why the ticker symbol is CTLE is because it never was changed from back when the Company was known as Colorado Ceramic Tile, Inc. and they did the 25-for-1 stock split.

So, being an SEC filing pinky, at first glance, Nano Labs looks like any other struggling start up Company having reported a night on the town worth of cash in the bank ($11,216) and no revenues for the period ended March 31, 2015.  However, the “any other” view gets tossed out the window (kinda like the CTLE share price over the last month) when you see the portion of the Q filing that few rarely ever pay any attention to:



The Company has 16 convertible notes equaling $1,021,924. The notes are convertible at rates of 42% to 50% of the market price of the stock.

It makes sense now why CTLE shares have been tumbling because all you need to do is drop it low enough, have note holders convert, pump up the volume to bring some attention, and, in a matter of hours, you create a group of unsuspecting bagholders who flip out.  Let’s just say that at 0.005, conversions take place starting at 0.0025.  Once you can pump up the bass and bring some booty shaking to the CTLE dance floor, getting a gap open of around 0.005 and maybe teasing an uptick to 0.006 or 0.007 and you’ve got yourself a perfect way to double your money.

There is however reason to think that things at Nano Labs could be changing.  On May 7, 2015, they got rid of their accountant, Terry L. Johnson, CPA, and went with an OTC favorite, Malone Bailey LLP.  Also, three months ago this week, the Company joined forces with Hormigones del Caribe, a company that deals in building materials in the country where the make the best damn beer in the world (Presidente), to develop and build a new facility to produce precast construction materials that will be made using Pol-EC polymers products and local soils.  

Now, one has to believe that this, along with the ET3M Group and a JVA with DerTek to launch a research and development, marketing, and manufacturing program to produce Biofuels in North America is gong to, collectively or individually, give reason for CTLE to be more than a coin flip trade.

For those looking for something a bit more stable to try and flip, Opexa Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: OPXA), a biopharmaceutical company developing personalized immunotherapies including multiple sclerosis (MS) and neuromyelitis optica (NMO), showed some promise yesterday after ending the trading session up 6.02% at 0.44.  Shares of OPXA stock are currently still -12.12% below their 20 Day SMA, -4.02% below the 50 Day SMA, -36.67% below the 200 Day SMA, and -73.49% below the 52WK High.  

Last word publicly from OPXA was over a month ago when Neil K. Warma, President and CEO, was due to present at the Biotechnology Industry Organization 2015 International Convention on Tuesday, June 16, 2015 at The Pennsylvania Convention Center.


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