Is PayPal (PYPL) Worried About Lans Holding Inc. (LAHO)?

August has historically sucked for touting penny stocks to buy via paid promotion except for the case when the shares of the company are both under-appreciated and there is reason to expect that growing sales could help raise the share price come September.  Neither of the two reasons are really arguable for Lans Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK: LAHO) whose newsletter campaign kicked off on Friday in the shadows of their $250,000 promotional budgeted landing pages.  While sure the secure online and mobile payment solutions industry has massive potential in terms of growth and profitability, but LAHO stock, being featured on two landing pages, seems likely fall short of expectations.

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LAHO Stock


Lans Holdings came out in May with the announcement of a newly released corporate website showcasing release of products and services as they attempt to capture a portion of the $2.3 trillion payment industry.  Although everyone knows PayPal Inc. (PYPL) is the top dog in the game, the scraps left on the table and hyped up business plans will make for tickers like LAHO to see their blips on the radar if and when they are marketed correctly.

How Lans Holdings will become a player in this industry is still to be determined.  Having had just $2,322 is assets, basically all the money they had in the corporate checking account, as of May 31, 2015, more money has been spent in marketing LAHO stock than appears to have been dedicated to their business plan.

Back when the May announcement came out, LAHO shares were under 0.06 and hardly ever traded.  Soon after, Cromwell Hope Trading Ltd. published two landing pages, and, which portray LAHO as the “need to buy now” stock that will one day be one of the best investments you made this year.  Others like LOTE and WTER have successfully gained big off of landing pages, but that was when playing pennies was for everyone.

From a planned business point of view, LAHO looks shinny and new and has the potential to be a dominant force in the industry with their PAYSPERITY.  From the way that LAHO has traded over the past few sessions, those who bought into the idea are still waiting to see that happen.

According to the filings and backed up by the LAHOreport landing page, the float appears to be just under 60 million shares. With much better tickers out there with much better floats like UVND and EKCS, those deciding to gamble on LAHO stock can assume that the volume building process of the current promotion alerts is simply to get the chart looking active before the September call-center campaign season kicks off.

Find out more about LAHO shares here: $LAHO


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