Is Stevia Nutra STNT Taking Investors to Land of Smiles?

In it’s first real news since going public quietly, Stevia Nutra Corp. (OTC: STNT) announced that it acquired 50 acres of prime agricultural land in the neighbor to the “Land of Smiles”, Cambodia. STNT IPO’d on May 24 and was one of the penny stocks we covered in our Sweet & Sour article about the massive gains these natural sweeteners have brought to early shareholders. STNT stock price is still under $1.00 but that won’t be the case if the “stevia” penny stock trend continues.

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STNT Stock Chart

The land Stevia Nutra acquired in Cambodia for its new innovative Stevia Propagation Centre is located just outside the town of Kampong Speu, in close proximity to the country’s capital city and commercial hub of Phnom Penh, and the coastal port of Sihanoukville. It means very little for those of you who, unlike our Tim Richards, has actually traveled extensively throughout Cambodia in 2002 and 2006. This location is as good as any other location because all of the soil in the region and the climate are perfect for stevia cultivation.

About STNT Stock

Stevia Nutra is an Agro-Management company focused on stevia agronomics which includes plant breeding, proprietary agricultural practices and post-harvest techniques. Stevia Nutra intends to invest heavily in R&D and IP acquisition and manage large-scale plantations for the production of high value stevia products. To view the SEC filings for STNT, click here.

Bottom Line: STNT is just another one of the stevia penny stocks that is going to be sweet for investors in the early stages just like Stevia Corp (STEV) and Stevia First (STVF) were which each provided 300% plus gains in their first months of trading. Will stevia ever be produced by any of these companies, it’s unlikely to ever be enough to warrant any huge revenues unless they cultivate thousands upon thousands of acres.

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