Is There Too Much Kool-Aid In Eco Depot (ECDP)?

Things are about to start boiling for the penny stock of Eco Depot, Inc. (ECDP) now that a massive awareness campaign has been launched focusing on their acquisition of WaterGeeks Laboratory, Inc. Having already been test marketed at Target®, Neiman Marcus®, Wegmans® and Meijer® in the USA and at Home Outfitters® in Canada, the hot chicks behind the WaterGeeks™ Brand of water filtration products could force ECDP stock to boil over from its recent 52 week low re-bounce. With StockMister and Cohen’s group of newsletters kicking off the week, keeping a close eye on this low floater could rapidly send a current shareholder into triple digit gains before today’s end.

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Market Cap: 5.41M
Last: 0.0331 ▲ +0.0016 (+5.08%)
Volume: 927,500
Dollar Volume: $33,063
Open: 0.0364
High: 0.038
Low: 0.03
Trades: 29
14-Day RSI: 52.98%
1st Resistance Point: 0.0374
1st Support Level: 0.0294
52Wk High: 0.15
52Wk Low: 0.02

Eco Depot is your typical pinksheet listed company except that they are apparently preparing to launch a product line, the multi-patented Click & Pour™ product, for $9.95 via a Direct Response TV Ad campaign later on this month. Normally this would be a meaningless announcement, but what when you check out the smoking hot chicks that are linked to the line of WaterGeeks users and the 15 seconds of fame the built-in filter water bottles received from the Today show in April, 2013.

Back in January, Eco Depot acquired the assets of WaterGeeks Laboratory. Inc for 46,692,500 restricted common shares of ECDP stock giving them the necessary proprietary manufacturing processes and know-how, all current vendor relationships or agreements and all the relevant information needed to make a buck or two off these bottles. One month later, Eco Depot signed a Letter Of Intent with Water Technologies Development, Inc. to distribute their “WaterGizzi,” a new multi-patented portable water purification device, giving them not one, but two fashionista bottles that celebrities and sexy rich mothers are sporting about according to the WaterGeeks Facebook page.

With $120,188 worth of convertible debt at rates equal to and under 0.001 per share, it’s no wonder why the dilution of ECDP stock has been draining the share price since it began actively trading at the start of February. Having seen only one trading session above 4,000,000 and only 2 above 2,000,000, expectations of a new record in volume today are sure to be met. If the convertible note holders that already have cheaper shares than any trader could have would kindly try not to dump to hard into the promotional campaign which StockMister is claiming $60,000 and Cohen $25,000, perhaps a proper run might allow new buyers of ECDP stock to make a buck or two.

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About ECDP Stock

Eco Depot , Inc. is a development stage company focused on establishing relationships with existing eco-friendly companies to set-up a distribution network to bring their products to market by reselling the “green products” from various manufactures.

Click here to view the filings for ECDP.
Click here to view the website for Eco Depot.

Authorized: 200,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 163,559,160

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Chg Volume
06/06/14 0.0364 0.0380 0.0300 0.0331 +0.0016 +5.08% 927,500
06/05/14 0.0370 0.0370 0.0315 0.0315 -0.0055 -14.86% 167,000
06/04/14 0.0257 0.0370 0.0257 0.0370 +0.0080 +27.59% 1,813,100
06/03/14 0.0260 0.0290 0.0260 0.0290 +0.0008 +2.84% 393,000
06/02/14 0.0290 0.0290 0.0253 0.0282 -0.0018 -6.00% 142,000


Bottom Line:

ECDP has been a pretty poor penny stock to have played thus far in 2014 having only had low volume in each of its 3 runs since the collapse from 0.15 in early February. Expecting to see a big gap at the open, letting the gap fill before diving into ECDP stock with both feet will give a good indication of just how deep the shallow end is. If it’s not the flavor of water you like, you can also check out Alkame Holdings, Inc. (ALKM) which is finally making its way around to newsletters after a very successful hard mail campaign which abruptly ended last month when ALKM stock dumped hard from just over $1 to below .40 in a matter of minutes (see here).

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