Is Wham Inc. (WFMC) Due To Become A Billion Dollar Co.?

WHAMFrom mid-June, 2014 through mid-December, 2014, the penny stock of Woodman Holdings (WFMC), a Wham Inc. Company, had left sub-penny land in advance of filing with the Security Exchange Commission to become a reporting company.  Trading between 0.032 and 0.10 during that time frame, volume never really seemed to pick up on the heels of over a dozen press releases issued, some of which spoke of 10-figure contracts being signed.  While the shares have been as high as half a dollar, 0.555, just two weeks ago, curiosity questions the recent “WHAM” WFMC stock has been hit with.

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WFMC Stock Quote
Close 0.27 Change (% Chg) -0.0366 (-11.94%)
High 0.31 Low 0.21
Open 0.2756 Prev Close 0.3066
Volume 110,000 Avg Volume 57,050
14-Day Rel Strength 41.91%% Market Cap $22.14M
52Wk High 0.5550 52Wk Low 0.0011

Cyber security has been a hot topic since binary code became a part of our daily lives more than a decade ago.  It used to be your PC, then it was your email, now its your smartphone and Israel Vasquez, Chairman and CEO of WHAM Inc., reckons he’s nailed it with the Company’s new offering: WHAM WCM Secure Mobile.

Anyone can sign up to be a member by providing their device number (IMEI or MEID Number).  No need to provide a name, phone number, nothing at all but the device number and anyone can become a Group Leader, instantly adding or deleting members (secure contacts) to their group AND have the group(s) updated every 60 seconds!

Imagine, no personal information needed and one could be able to:

  • encrypt and instantly communicate privately with all of your friends and family;
  • make instant encrypted and secure voice calls to any member in your group;
  • send instant encrypted and secure text message to any member in your group;
  • send instant encrypted and secure attachments of all types and sizes; and, the best part,
  • encrypt and send images, video, audio (music), Word docs, Excel Docs, PDF’s, or even Powerpoint docs safely anywhere and to any member in your group

The first roll-out is said to allow you to even send attachments as large as 100 MB in size.  So, with all these incredibly amazing features offered, why is it no one is waking up before they go-go for WFMC stock?

Confusion must be the concern as Woodman Holdings clearly pointed out at the start of the year in hopes of bringing clarity to the objectives of the Company’s S-1 filing.  Woodman Holdings, apparently, is so massive that, rather than just uplist of the pinks and file one-page scanned balance sheets, they plan to launch each one of their divisions as a public traded company.

The initial structure of the Company’s first IPO is to register the 100 Million Shares of Wham Inc, (ticker symbol WFMC) with the SEC.  Currently, the majority of these shares are owned in stock certificate form, which will become free trading after the companies IPO (ah, that’s why there’s no volume).

The January 2 announcement continues on with:

The first division of Wham Inc. that will become a public traded company through its first offering will be the Mobile Encryption Technology Division. This division, not Wham Inc., will be receiving a new ticker symbol and will be given a new share structure from out of the Woodman Holdings treasury. This new security will trade under the Wham Inc. (WFMC) umbrella. This division will begin the marketing and roll out its new mobile encryption product application for the consumer market by the 1st or 2nd quarter of 2015. “Wham Inc. will become a billion dollar company and our shareholders will be rewarded for holding our stock,” said Israel Vasquez Chairman/CEO. The company is projecting by 2016 that it will begin paying quarterly dividends to Wham Inc. (WFMC) shareholders from the new mobile encryption division. The percentage of dividends to be paid, will be based on how many shares each shareholder owns of WFMC stock.

Holy shazams!  Wham Inc., A Billion Dollar Company?

In regards to the SEC filing to uplist, neither we, nor OTCMarkets, can seem to find any new filings since July, 2011.  The most recent updated filing, a balance sheet as of December 31, 2014, loos simply too healthy, with current assets valued at $1.016 million and absolutely no liabilities, $0, whatsoever.  While there’s no income statement attached, the last one, for the six months ended June 30, 2014, reported total revenues of $140,000 which equated to $77,900 in net income since they only had $4,500 worth of income tax expense (that’s better than Belize for crying out loud).

The only reason WFMC stock even hit our radar screen and land here as a complete waste of time is because there was no sense in repeating that Friday’s top traded penny stock, American Leisure Holdings, Inc. (AMLH), was due for a correction here shortly.

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About WFMC Stock

Woodman Holdings Asset Management Inc. (Wham Inc.) is a development stage, diversified holdings company established for the purpose of investing in or acquiring businesses and distressed asset classes.  The company operates in four business areas: Investments, Proprietary Trading, Fine Art and Technology.

Click here to view the filings for WFMC.
Click here to view the website for Wham Inc.

Authorized: 500,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 82,001,430

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Chg Volume
02/06/15 0.2756 0.3100 0.2100 0.2700 -0.0366 -11.94% 110,000
02/05/15 0.3000 0.3298 0.2755 0.3066 -0.0233 -7.06% 66,500
02/04/15 0.3399 0.3399 0.2900 0.3299 -0.0100 -2.94% 29,400
02/03/15 0.3200 0.3448 0.3000 0.3399 -0.0050 -1.45% 34,400
02/02/15 0.3500 0.3500 0.3449 0.3449 +0.0749 +27.74% 9,300


Bottom Line:

The day WFMC lands in the list of the top traded penny stocks is the day I reveal to the world that I am a lesbian trapped in a man’s body.  There was a 0.27 priced ticker last summer we uncovered, wrote an article on, that did become a billion dollar company, $6 Billion actually, for a few minutes atleast, which perhaps inspired the lollipop dreams they have for WFMC stock.

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