It’s Friday, Buy As Much Weed As You Can Afford

GRNH StockThe marijuana related penny stocks have been a huge success since the start of the year capitalizing on the sale of recreational cannabis in Colorado as of January 2. You could literally throw a dart at a list of these weed stocks and hit the bullseye for some sort of gains although some of the real ones, like Growlife Inc. (PHOT) are more likely than others to hold those gains. Thanks to Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. stating Thursday that lawful marijuana businesses should have access to the American banking system and that the government would soon offer rules to help them gain it, get ready to roll because Friday is gonna be one big puff of green smoke for the sector.

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The New York Times published an article yesterday, Legal Marijuana Businesses Should Have Access to Banks, Holder Says, which included some very positive statements made while speaking at the Miller Center at the University of Virginia. The subject matter mainly focused around how these businesses legalized to sell marijuana wouldn’t want to be sitting around with stacks of undepositable cash, many of which are already forced to use armored car services to pick up the daily take.

Finra updated their warning to investors in early January about how publicly traded companies will be scamming investors – FastFunds Finanacial (FFFC) – thanks to the new laws regarding the legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes which went into effect in a number of states. Media coverage of the issue has increased tremendously, as has investor interest in shares of marijuana-related companies.

If you’re not sure which ones to jump into to play the newest nationwide PR accepting the fact that marijuana is here to stay, here’s a list of marijuana stocks to get you started:

  • Medical Marijuana, Inc. (MJNA)
  • Hemp, Inc. (HEMP)
  • Cannabis Science, Inc. (CBIS)
  • MediSwipe, Inc. (MWIP)
  • Growlife, Inc. (PHOT)
  • GreenGro Technologies, Inc. (GRNH)
  • Tranzbyte Corporation (ERBB)
  • Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC)
  • FastFunds Financial Corp. (FFFC)

Like Smokey said: “You need to hit this shit man. It’s Friday man, you ain’t got no job, you ain’t got shit to do.”

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Bottom Line:

Weed related penny stocks look to open the session up strong, and stay strong through the morning. Pick a ticker, play it and cash in on the marijuana gold rush if you haven’t already gotten into one off of our initial coverages from 18 months ago.

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