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WRFXFinding hot penny stocks before other traders do can be a daunting task, especially since the majority would prefer to be spoon fed tickers rather than doing a few hours of research on their own.  For example, take WorldFlix, Inc. (OTC PINK: WRFX), a technology driven, development stage company, whose share price is just 0.003, yet still manages to hide in the shadows of the OTC awaiting its day to bloom like their newly launched App Farm venture.  Considering the share structure of WRFX stock, a few more updates and, perhaps, a deal in the works for an app or their OASIIS might be all that’s needed for this little puppy to run with the big dogs.

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WRFX Stock


WorldFlix is one of those companies that’s diversely broken down into pieces to make up what’s really cooking in their kitchen.  Holding virtually no debt on their books and coming off a net income reported quarter, the Company has three parts which could bear fruit this fall:

  1. App Farm: A division created to acquire profitable mobile apps through their contests or through acquisition and offer project rounds worth $1,000,000 each which will purchase and fund the growth of at least 10 software apps;
  2. WorldFlix Entertainment Management: A global enterprise managing film artists worldwide from India, North America, US and Europe focused on developing award winning and unique stories for a diverse international market place while packaging visionary award winning film makers with bankable foreign sales markets;
  3. OASIIS: Engineered to be environmentally friendly and withstand extreme weather conditions, OASIIS is a 5sqkm floating island made with recycled steel and rubber which floats offshore and uses cables to deliver the electricity and water that it produces

Any one of these three could be a productive player for bottom line results in coming quarters, yet the only one which has, thus far, made any headlines is the App Farm.  On July 17 when the Company filed their Q1 results and announced the new division and business venture, $67,453, 1,173,100 shares between 0.035 and 0.08, traded on WRFX stock, an amount only surpassed on June 5 when $72,19, 814,900 shares between 0.088 and 0.089, traded without news.  When WorldFlx filed their Q2 results on August 7, not a single share of the 0.006 priced WRFX shares traded.

Here in lies the conundrum of what to do about WRFX stock.  You ave a shares structure which is set up for a possible insanely bullish run (100,000,000 Authorized, 69,853,500 Issued and Outstanding of which 37,500,000 are owned by Brad Listermann (25,000,000) and Scott Eppinga (12,500,000)).  With, call it 32,353,500, shares in the float and a share price lower than it has been (0.002 the LOD on Monday), thinking WRFX stock could strap up for one heck of a run makes total sense.

The issue that’s really holding WRFX back is eyeballs.  A quick look over at iHub and another on Twitter shows that even when mentioned, only a handful of traders even have a clue of how big the gains could be on WRFX stock.

As September kicks off, those willing to monitor WRFX could have the upper hand if and when this low priced, low floater starts to attract some attention.  Trading just $2,947 on less than 1,000,000 shares on Monday, those sub .003 shares may not be around much longer.  Then again, getting them should prove to be much easier than selling them higher unless those eyeballs start opening up to just how little there is to go around.

Find out more about WRFX shares here: $WRFX

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