LBAS | Can Playboy’s Waite And Madison Pump PocketFinder?

OTC LBAS, LBAS Stock, PocketfinderBanking on the old notion that “Sex Sells,” Location Based Technologies (LBAS) has filmed a three-minute advertisement which is sure to erect the penny stock. The 3 minutes in heaven promoting Pocketfinder will feature Holly Madison, Alison Waite and Dr. Gadget. LBAS stock has slid from its 0.48 level in early July, but could easily return after BestBuy picks up their product.

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LBAS, LBAS stockLBAS Stock Chart

Current:  0.255, up 0.005   (2.00%)
Volume: 41,500
High: 0.26
Trades: 12
Average Trade Size: 3,458
Authorized: 300,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 194,913,869

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Not only is Location Based Technologies placing the Playboy starlets and Dr. Gadget 3 minute infomercial in four- and five-star hotels in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Las Vegas and Chicago, but they recently announced that PocketFinder Vehicle location devices will also be provided to Midway Fleet Leasing and Coatto Motorsport. Midway Fleet Leasing, one of Orange County and Los Angeles areas’ exotic vehicle providers, projects a growing need for vehicle devices in leased vehicles.  Coatto Motorsport, also in the OC/LA area, is a targeted provider of high-end luxury vehicles to professional athletes, Hollywood movie stars and various other successful professionals.

Both should provide an instant boost to the top line numbers of the Company the reported revenues of $96,543 and $318,631 for the three and six months ended May 31, 2012. The revenues recorded increased 3,311.41% and 5,310.61% respectively compared to the same periods the year prior.

September 12, 2012 is the date set for the LBAS shareholders meeting. At that meeting, the announcement of the PocketFinder Vehicle location devices being now stocked and sold at and the West Coast Customs’ line of products as well. One thing many traders are failing to see is the long relationship the Company has with Apple (AAPL). With the upcoming launch of the iPhone5, specualtors could soon start gobbling up shares in hopes of their technology being a part of the new smartphone release.

About LBAS Stock

Location Based Technologies, Corp., formerly known as PocketFinder, Inc., designs, develops, and sells personal, pet, and vehicle locator devices and services including PocketFinder® People, PocketFinder® Pets and PocketFinder® Vehicles. The PocketFinder® is a small, completely wireless, location device that enables a user to locate a person, pet, vehicle or valuable item at any time from almost anywhere using Global Positioning System (“GPS”) and General Packet Radio Service (“GPRS”) technologies.

Click here to view the SEC filings for LBAS.

Bottom Line: LBAS can get listed on the penny stocks to watch long list. With the upcoming product placement of PocketFinder and the niche market of the Playboy bunny model 3 minute awareness videos, LBAS should see some rising activity in its PPS in the short-term.

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