LDHL | An IQD Scud Missile Targeted For Baby Boomers

LDHL Stock, LD Holdings, Should I invest in Iraq DinarThe 2003 capture of Saddam Hussein was “a moment in history” that subsequently opened the door for a decade long scheme of investing in defunct, non-existent currency. The penny stock of LD Holdings Inc. (LDHL), focused on Baby Boomers, saw an incredible surge Friday, as high as $1.03, creating an intraday gain of over 98%. However, looking deeper into the SEC filings of the once swimming pool service company, turned restaurateurs, turned financial advisors, some insiders had paper gains of 3,333% on LDHL stock as of Friday’s high.

The sudden surge in the firm tied to pumping investments in Iraqi Dinar, IQD, has to cause an alarm for the Baby Boomers targeted to fist over cash for a fisting return. Sell LDHL before the bottom drops out like a scud missile.

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LDHL, LDHL Stock, LD Holdings, Should I invest in Iraq DinarLDHL Stock Chart

Market Cap: 23.40M
Close: 0.94, up 0.48 (104.35%)
Volume: 184,681
Dollar Volume: $142,600
High: 1.03
Low: 0.52
Trades: 75
Average Trade Size: 2,462
Authorized: 900,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 24,895,351

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Let’s start by noting that if, according to the LDHL website, LD Holdings is a Financial and Management Holding Company has two operating divisions, then those two divisions are losing money and pumping stock. The Company began as Leisure Direct Inc., LD, focused on swimming pools in 2000 while operating as ePoolSpas.com, Inc which was effected by the issuance of 1.75 million shares for the intangible assets of the former operating companies, Olympic Pools, Inc. and Preferred Concrete Placement, Inc.

In 2010, Leisure Direct decided  to open a diner in Monroe, Michigan, a former Johnny Rockets Restaurant, which it closed at the end of August, 2011 and opened a new one, Boomers Diner, in Toledo, Ohio two months later.

Less than a year later, On April 17 this year, Leisure Direct signed a Management and Business Development Consulting Agreement with Financial Wellness LLC to help them develop and implement their business plan. By doing so, they issued 1,000,000 stock options at an exercise price of $0.10 with the possibility of another 15,000,000, all of which were set to expire on June 30, 2012 but were extended to August 31, 2012.

Their business plan – bend over the Baby Boomers with promises of the coming revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar operating under a number of websites such as BHGroup.com and TresuryVault.com as well as LDHoldings.com.

Doing some digging, on February 28, 2012, LD Holdings, Inc. sold 800,000 restricted shares of LDHL stock to two individual long-term investors for $24,000, 0.03 per share. On April 18, 2012, the Company converted $73,433 of debt and accrued interest from a former officer into 2,670,290 shares of LDHL stock, 0.0275 per share. Furthermore, on August 15, 2012, LD Holdings converted more of its debt for 400,000 shares of LDHL stock valued at $46,000, 0.24 per share.

With cash of $746 and total assets of $40,173 to use for the generation of $46,278 and $89,736 in net sales for the 3 and 6 months ended June 30, 2012, roughly -57% and -58% respectively compared to the same periods in 2011, dropping a penny on this stock is two pennies too much.

About LDHL Stock

LD Holdings, Inc. has done so many different things in the past 10 years that we have no idea what they do anymore except scam on the Iraqi Dinar to unsuspected Baby Boomers.

According to their website, the Company is located in Northwest Ohio and is a Financial and Management Holding Company that has identified a significant business opportunity regarding the largest demographic group in America representing 78 Million Americans born between 1946 and 1964 known as the Baby Boomers! You will have the opportunity to purchase stock in LD Holdings that intends to attempt fill a void in the small business world regarding the sale and transfer of businesses from Boomer owners to the next generation.

Click here to view the SEC filings for LDHL.

Bottom Line: LDHL may have been one of the best performing penny stocks on Friday, but it should be bought only by those who have an urge to lose money. Some individuals on the net are pursuing LDHL stock and their insiders with a passion and is better read at your leisure to put the puzzle pieces together. (see here and here)

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