LIDO | HBP Energy Corp. Already Getting Some Early Attention

LIDOIn advance of getting their new ticker symbol approved and issued by FINRA, traders are jumping all over The penny stock of HBP Energy Corp. (LIDO). Without even a complete website as of yet and only discussions with Firebird Petroleum, Inc. regarding a possible business combination, LIDO stock is in it’s 2nd trading session with those who grabbed 28’s yesterday doing their best to average down. As most know that any connection to the law firm of Thomas E. Puzzo, PLLC likely means a pump is due to come, the bandwagon is rolling and it’s all about price for now.

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LIDO Stock Quote

Market Cap:
Last: 0.111 ▼ -0.1690 (-60.36%)
Volume: 50,500
Open: 0.28
High: 0.28
Low: 0.10
Authorized: 300,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 164,078,212
1st Resistance Point: 0.2273
1st Support Level: 0.0473

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Other than waiting for both a website to go live and a new ticker symbol to be issued, HBP Energy is the product of a 33.519553-for-1 forward stock split from September. The languages on the “coming son” page are of every major European country and the website is currently with a “de-lu” category which can mean only one thing: Germany and Luxembourg are about to take it in the tailpipe.

Maria de Los Angeles Morales Ramon of El Salvador has been running the show since Thomas E. Puzzo helped to incubate Lido International Corp., a Company that was supposed to be consulting those in the business in commercial cultivation of champignon mushrooms. Weird how if yu were to say that in Spanish, you would be saying mushrooms mushrooms, but who cares really.

She owned 4,000,000 shares prior to the stock split which means she now controls 134,078,200 of the 164,078,212 issued and outstanding.

Little to no information exists at present on what is to come of HBP Energy Corp. except that they will surely be doing some form of promising to do work in the field of energy. What is well documented is that In March and April of this year, when the Company was still Lido International, Corp., 895,000 pre-split shares were sold for $26,850, $0.03 per share. After the 33.51955, they’re now 29,999,997 shares with a cost basis of, well let’s just say it’s very very very cheap.

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About LIDO Stock

HBP Energy Corp., fka Lido International Corp., is a development stage company that is going to have its stock pumped prior to Thaksgiving.

Click here to view the SEC filings for LIDO.
Click here to view the website for HBP Energy Corp.

Trading History:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
10/07/13 0.0500 0.2800 0.0500 0.2800 +0.2300 +460.00% 64,000


Bottom Line:

Thee s no question that whatever ticker is due to follow LIDO is going to be issued out to the public in the form of penny stock alerts within the next 7 weeks. They need to remove the maid and replace her with some top level resumed official, as well as strike a deal with Firebird Petroleum, before the ticker to replace LIDO becomes pumpable.

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