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LTCH, LifeTech Industries, new penny stocksForty years ago, bottling water in 12oz bottles and selling them was considered ridiculous. Twenty years ago, only the wealthy had water filtration systems. Today, the air to water generator industry is booming and company’s like Lifetech Industries Inc. (LTCH) are retraining the way we think about our water. In the highly populated areas, especially in Asia, the demand for fresh, clean drinking water is creating enough opportunities that IPO’s like LTCH stock are almost requirements for investors who are looking for that next big thing.

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LTCH, LTCH stock, Lifetech Industries Inc., Lifetech Industries Stock, LTCH sharesLTCH Stock Chart

Market Cap: 47.50M
Close: 0.95, up 0.105 (12.43%)
Volume: 13,500
Dollar Volume: $12,400
High: 0.95
Low: 0.90
Trades: 6
Average Trade Size: 2,250
Authorized: 200,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 50,000,000

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Lifetech began publicly almost a year ago today when their S-1was approved by the SEC with the assistance of their legal counsel, Dean Law Corp. Not looking to create something out of thin air, the Company signed a Joint Venture / Distribution / Technology License Agreement with Leadwill Corp., a Japanese manufacutuer of air to water generator (“AWG”) products and technologies whereby they obtained the exclusive worldwide right (excluding Japan) to make, use, sell and otherwise distribute all of Leadwill’s AWG products and technologies.

The way it works is this:

The Lifetech AirWell System, a superior air to water generator than those already on the market, produces high quality water by promoting and filtering the condensation of moisture from air. Through an advanced triple step gathering system which is patented in Taiwan and Japan and a 12-step purification process, potable/drinkable water is produced that is free of chemicals, pollutants, contaminants and hormones.

Leadwill Corp., through which Lifetech is supplied its products/rights, manufactures a home/office unit which can produce roughly 8 gallons of water per day. With humans consuming nearly a gallon a day, plans are to customize the AWG units to service industries such as:

· Shipping and boating
· Hotels and resorts
· Hospitals and schools
· Mining and drilling
· Government and military
· Spas and “well-being” facilities
· Humanitarian organizations

Now, although they switched missions from a day spa to providing individuals their inherent right to have environmentally and socially responsible access to potable/drinkable water, the share structure has never been expanded and revenues have already been generated. In May, the Company signed an agreement with Epik Investments Limited, a Honk Kong LLC, assigning them the exclusive rights to sell and distribute all of their licensed products in Hong Kong and the People’s Republic of China for 2 years. The deal was worth $100,000, under the terms of the agreement, which is booked at $12,500 per quarter over that period with the remainder booked as accrued deferred revenues.

When has a penny stock not worth watching booked revenues straight out the gate and still be cheap enough to get involved with? And seeing how cheap LTCH stock is now, it was even cheaper for those insiders who were invited to participate a year ago.

Lifetech Industries has just 50,000,000 shares outstanding and boy were they cheap. On July 13, 2011, the Company issued 25,000,000 shares of LTCH stock to Benjamin Chung, CEO, CFO, President, Treasurer and Director of Lifetech,  for $25,000; $20,000 was cash and $5,000 was services. The other 25,000,000 LTCH shares were sold between January and February, 2011, under the private placements agreement to various investors at $0.001 per share.

So basically, LTCH is a must watch penny stock and needs to be on the list for all those dollar players now that GRZG, SANP and GRPH have bit the bullet. It looks a lot like the game plan of SEFE, but even so, the revenues, lack of debt, and focus on the Asian markets to start out with all line up with what could be an easy winner.

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About LTCH Stock

Lifetech Industries Inc., a development stage company focused on opportunities in the air to water generator (“AWG”) industry, is a global distributor the sub-licenses their revolutionary, atmospheric water generator – AirWell Water Systems.

Last 5 Trading Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
11/23/12 0.9500 +0.1050 +12.43% 13,500
11/08/12 0.8450 unch unch 700
11/06/12 0.8450 -0.0050 -0.59% 5,000
11/01/12 0.8500 unch unch 27,000
10/31/12 0.8500 -0.0100 -1.16% 25,000

Click here to view the SEC filings for LTCH.

Bottom Line: Penny stocks over $1 bring in a different type of investor than those most traders are used to seeing. With LTCH on the verge of that $1 level after Friday, it would make a lot of sense for those who like to see a number on the left of the decimal point to be watching this. An additional revenue generating agreement for this affiliate seller of AWG products could land the Company in the “black” for Q4 and send LTCH stock above $1.

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