Marine Drive Mobile Corp.’s MDMC Stock Scam Or Legit?

Connecting the dots to who is who and what is what all part of the speculation behind finding the next 10-bagger for penny stock traders. With the message board posters looking for confirmation acting like a crack addict sifting through the carpet for any spec of something to smoke, it should be of no surprise to many who are opening their emails tonight and finding that updates on Marine Drive Mobile Corp. (MDMC) were followed very closely behind, almost simultaneously, by updates on Great Wall Builders Ltd. (GWBU).  MDMC stock wasted no time before doubling in price on no news.

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MDMC Stock Chart

Dollar Volume: $10,417,184
Volume: 45,533,56
Close: 0.305, up 0.155 (103.33%)
Open: 0.15
High: 0.32
Low: 0.15
Trades: 2,479
Average Trade Size: 18,367

It’s not a question as to whether or not MDMC had a huge day today, but more so a question as to “Is This THE Pick” what traders were floundering about trying to guess. Well, has “THE PICK” ever come with Dr. Comb Over as an analyst before and had only 250 million authorized and 38.22 outstanding?

Its amusing to think that Marine Drive Mobile Corp.’s eTeeoff could be the beginning of the future of internet coupons. Even funnier than that is to think that the revenues MDMC could generate from eTeeoff could lead an investor to a 2,678% return.  Only the investor that is selling all the stock right now to future bagholders.

Has the pick ever been so closely linked to Strategic American Oil Corporation. (SGCA)? Or how about  Far East Wind Power (FEWP)? How about Tamm Oil and Gas (TAMO)? With all the heat coming down on the APS boyz at the moment, there is no way they would issue an alert via someone who is directly linked on to CBSMoneyWatch (see here) with their precious Billion Dollar pump.

There is no question that it is linked to the upcoming pick in the sense that the emails are so closely matched to their delivery timing with the well known affiliates who have been sending on GWBU for the last couple of days. Therefore, watch out for the escape hatch because this birdie is going straight into the lake very soon.

About MDMC Stock

Marine Drive Mobile Corp. develops transactional m-Commerce applications and services, which connect merchants with consumers through proprietary software and business processes. The Company provide merchants and consumers easy access to a stable and secure SaaS-based platform that helps generate value and drive revenues. Initially, The Company’s plan is to attract merchant customers by targeting niche consumers in highly sought-after lifestyle verticals through an e-coupon platform. “Lifestyle verticals” refers to grouping consumers based upon their hobbies, interests, and other aspects of their lifestyles.

Bottom Line: The penny stock of Marine Drive Mobile Corp., MDMC, had its day in the sun, and like anyone who has been to the beach, day one is Awesome. Day two, however, its required to put on that protective sunscreen of the highest SPF and take notice to the sharks int he shallow water that you didn’t pay attention to yesterday.

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