MDMC Stock Set To “Tee Off” But Is It The One To Buy?

Monday’s big momentum play appears to be the penny stock of Marine Drive Mobile Corp. (MDMCafter VM put their “half-a-mil” stamp on it right at the open. Every time I see a penny stock alert with Andy Carpenter, Editor of Carpenter Global Stock Advisory, I always check to see if my kids are safe from the “comb-over king” before I go check the share price. MDMC dumped 140K shares onto the market Friday to set the price up for today at 0.15 in, what appears to be, an attempt to get the smart front loaders out from Pazoo Inc. (PZOO).

However, the stock promotion has much more juice than that behind it as it tries to sell itself off as a mini-Groupon. (see here)

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MDMC Stock Chart

As Of March 31:

Shares Authorized: 250.00 Million
Shares Outstanding: 38.22 Million

This must be the funniest line item ever for a penny stock pump and dump:

According to the 10-Q filed by the Company for the three months ended March 31, 2012, Computer Equipment: The Company purchased a computer and related equipment during the six months ended March 31, 2012, for $1,296. Computer equipment is depreciated on a straight line basis over 3 years. Total depreciation expense for the six months ended March 31, 2012 was $108.

AMAZING! This Multi-Billion dollar potential Company has a $1,300 Computer. One.

The Company stated 2 months ago that it will be implementing various marketing strategies as well to help shape and grow its online asset to become a leader in offering deals to golf enthusiasts. Golf merchants and now distributors utilizing the platform, have the ability to offer national campaigns in which local and rural entities never had. This introduces a whole new customer base to each merchant and continues to build eteeoff’s standing in the golf arena. The Company has also started to receive positive feedback from the public, and recently discovered an independent article written by

About MDMC Stock

Marine Drive Mobile Corp. is a technology company dedicated to bringing simplicity, innovation and disruption to the online coupon industry. The Company mission is to transform the online coupon space by giving businesses a totally free online advertising platform that makes creating and promoting daily deals as simple as sending an email. Marine Drive Mobile connects merchants and consumers through our proprietary software platform and business systems. The flagship product, eTeeoff (, was launched to introduce golf industry merchants to a zero-cost way to create deals and offer their own electronic coupons.

Click here to view the SEC filings for MDMC.

Bottom Line: MDMC is a #2Flusher of a penny stock, but traders will be pushing the limits on this today in search of the next ten-bagger. To think that MDMC could earn revenues to a point that “Could Lead You To A 2,678% Return” is probably the most moronic belief you could have. Its a pump and dump of massive proportions and is likely good for 30 trading sessions before the risk of collapse is eminent.

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