Volume Alert: MILV Mistral Ventures, Inc.

Today’s stock to watch is MILV – Mistral Ventures, Inc.


Mistral Ventures, Inc. recently bought 100% of Nature’s Bioceuticals, a natural medicine formulas company. These medicines are all-natural, made from botanical ingredients and mineral bases. Their goal is to deliver high quality natural medicines that are as effective, and sometimes even more effective, than synthetic drugs.

Probably the biggest benefit of natural drugs is that they don’t have the negative side effects that are associated with many prescription drugs. Nature’s Bioceuticals will be selling drugs that can help you feel better without the risk of facing a stroke or sometimes even death, which are actual side effects they mention at the end of some television commercials for prescription drugs.

Sales are expected to start in January.

First up is the Breathing Formula. This is a fast acting way to get relief from the stuffiness and congestion that often goes along with the cold and flu. The Breathing Formula is a liquid taken as one tablespoon two or three times a day. That’s easier for people to take than a pill when they don’t feel very well, and a lot of people will be suffering from those cold and flu symptoms in the next few months.

In addition to short-term illnesses, the Breathing Formula is designed to help people with chronic illnesses…and by improving the respiratory system it could even appeal to athletes seeking a way to boost their performance.

The number of colds in a year creates a very big market for products like the Breathing Formula. Children in preschool and elementary school can have 6 to 12 colds per year according to experts while older children and adults typically average 2 to 4 colds per year. It is estimated that individuals in the United States suffer 1 billion colds per year.

Flu season is worse in some years than others, but in a good year, only 5% of people get the flu. In a country of 300 million people, that’s 15 million flu cases a year and the flu virus can infect as much as 20% of the population, up to about 60 million flu illnesses, in a bad year.

To help get over all those illnesses, Americans spend up to $40 billion a year on cold and flu medicines. That’s just the cold and flu market for MILV. Allergy season will follow in the spring and that is another multi-billion dollar market.

Company officials are expecting significant sales of the Breathing Formula. MILVannounced that they think they’ll see sales of more than $10 million in the first year and $40 million the next year for the Breathing Formula, with growth “expanding exponentially thereafter.”

Looking at just that product, we could see the stock price of MILV jump significantly higher. Right now, MILV has a market cap of about $4.9 million. If they hit their sales target, the market cap could easily grow to $40 million with a price-to-sales ratio of 1.0. That would be a very low ratio for such a fast growing company, but it would still be an eight-fold gain in the stock price – anticipated sales make MILV worth at least 11 cents a share based on just one of its six products.

In addition to the Breathing Formula, they plan to launch the Sinus Formula, Kidney Formula and the Prostate Formula next month. A few weeks after that, they will be offering a product that more precisely targets that seasonal illness market with the Cold & Flu Formula. Then, there will be the Weight Loss Formula.

Americans spend more than $27 billion annually on complementary and alternative medicine, most of which are out-of-pocket expenses.

That’s a big market and if the other products can do half as well as the Breathing Formula is projected to do, MILV could reach a market cap of more than $100 million in the next year, which would be a stock price of 29 cents, a gain of nearly 2,000% based on the fundamentals alone.

Sales are based on product results, and MILV has been seeing some amazing results in tests of its products. The company’s web site offers some stories from actual users – “At age 60 and with a mild case of Asthma I have been worried that my condition would follow that of my mother’s and I would also become dependent on a life of oxygen bottles, nebulizers and steroids to be able to breath. I am very happy to report that the use of your formula has eliminated any need for any prescription medicine or the use of breathing or oxygen support systems. I only wish that we could have met several years ago so that I might have shared some relief with my mother.”

This isn’t FDA approved, clinical testing…but it is powerful and could deliver sales to the company as users tell their friends about their real-world experience. This is the kind of advertising that could make MILV a long-term powerhouse in their niche.

But as always, we want short-term potential in our alerts, and that means I want to see companies that can move higher in the immediate-term. MILV has already shown us that it can deliver big single day gains, as well as extended gains over multiple days and even weeks.

Day traders could have booked a 46% gain in ONE day off MILV if they bought MILV after my MILV email update on November 7. MILV opened at 9.7 cents that Monday morning and hit 14.2 cents by the afternoon!

By that time, we’d been watching the stock closely for almost two weeks, and we had a 119% gain from my original alert that went out on October 27.

After flying as high as 14.2 cents, MILV wound up at 1.4 cents as of now. This seems like it is a ridiculously cheap price for a stock that launches new products into big markets within weeks. MILV has been sending out regular updates for weeks letting the world know that the Breathing Formula and other natural medicines should be on store shelves before the end of January.

It looks like traders finally noticed all that news on Friday. After trading down a little for most of the day, MILV went from 1.18 cents to 1.45 cents in the last hour of trading, a 23% gain in one hour before the weekend. There were some big buy orders in the last ten minutes of the trading day – the chart shows a couple of trades with more than 200,000 shares getting done near the close and more than 600,000 shares traded within one minutes, about a million shares in the last half hour alone. These closing trades were all done at higher prices, which is usually a sign of buyers. 

To me, it looks like MILV is gearing up to do something big.

That enormous and sudden buying pressure into the close could very well carry over into today, so be on the lookout for a potential breakout from MILV.

Of course I could be wrong.  MILV is a very low priced stock that’s been hammered lately, which is always a dangerous and volatile situation.  The huge profit potential also means large risk potential, so trade carefully by using a tight stop, booking profits when you can, watch out for gaps and make sure you see positive momentum.  (unlicensed opinion)

The most attractive part about MILV is the unbelievable upside.  We’ve already seen that MILV can get over 14 cents when it gets hot.  Well that’s a 1,000% gain from the current price!  MILV soared once before when it became the focus of a lot of awareness by OTC traders and newsletter readers.  MILV is stepping back into the spotlight, and has the whole OTC market talking once again.

MILV has given us triple digit gains before and it looks to be gearing up for another immensely profitable ride.

Keep your eyes on MILV today!

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