Mobile Broadcasting Holding (MBHC) Drops 2015 Filings

MBHCFocused on redefining the current, limited, live mobile broadcasting experience via Whirld, traders of penny stocks could usually care less when it comes to the business model, but will perk up when long awaited filings start hitting OTC Markets.  Mobile Broadcasting Holding, Inc. (OTC PINK: MBHC) did just that, dropping four (4) filings for 2015 which, besides the obvious lack of revenue, don’t look that bad.  Having already run over 100% just over a month ago and tasted copper, MBHC stock could start seeing some increased attention that the bag has been opened.

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MBHC Stock


Mobile Broadcasting is like many development stage companies in tech today: a company developing software and a communications platform, WHiRLD, which is to be a live streaming broadcasting app to let people stay in touch with their world through their mobile phone.  There are multi billion dollar companies that have a firm grasp on this market, but WHiRLD is supposed to be more than a social media app that will allow users to broadcast moments and news with friends, family, colleagues, and fans through the video camera of their mobile phones in lightning speed (sounds a lot like Periscope).

MBHC stock got lit up mid July when the Company released press stating “Whirld App Signs Global Twitter Deal.” Shares shot up from 0.0039 to 0.0107 on $324,621 of dollar volume after 44.4 million shares changed hands.  They tried to keep some heat on the ticker through July with headlines like “MBHC Begins Riding the Twitter Wave Reaching Over 100 Million” and “Jay Z’s Made In America and Whirld Live Confirmed,” but since the first load blow, love has moved on.

Although no cash and no revenues stick out on the updated filings, the debt on the books is probably the most attractive item on the balance sheet.  During 2015, Mobile Broadcasting Holding issued $107,222 of convertible notes, with an interest rate of 9 % per year, that can be converted into MBHC stock at any time with 30% discount to market.  Factoring in that 181,471,580 of the 350,000,000 authorized are out there, the “We are required to issue no additional shares” should be a blessing.

Even though dilution seems to be a non-issue, volume as fallen for MBHC over the past few sessions. If the gears can grind out sessions like the five (5) from Aug. 21 – 27, a chance to load up before the September PR’s come out could be worth a couple of bucks.  With 0.0042 being the lowest print since the July 17 pop, that should be the target for those looking for the cheapest ticket.

Find out more about MBHC shares here: $MBHC

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