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NENE stock, OTC NENE, New Energy Technologies Inc.,penny stocks for 2013, The solar revolution has seen its sunshine set, to an extent, with only the die-hards and those who have a “fighting chance” still surviving the fall from fame. One company that is making extraordinary strides into a very unique area of solar and alternative energy is New Energy Technologies, Inc. (OTC: NENE). Those who saw past the keywords and looked deep into the heart of the Company were able to see why NENE stock was beyond undervalued just over a month ago. The question is can the sun shine in the same place twice at the same time of the year?

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Market Cap: 34.67M
Last: 1.68 0.16 (10.53%)
Volume: 249,559
Dollar Volume: $427,710
Open: 1.60
High: 1.89
Low: 1.55
Trades: 217
Authorized: 300,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 20,638,360
Insiders: 9,366,533 (45.38%)

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Considering that New Energy Technologies has yet to book any revenues since its inception, it may seem hard to understand why NENE stock is priced over $1. Then when you see that the research and development the Company has dedicated to their SolarWindow™ Technology and MotionPower™ Technology, coupled with the 40 plus patents the Company has to protect their proprietary technology, it’s easy to see why its not only undervalued, but its also a game changer.

Next time you look at a window covered building, imagine if each of those windows could generate electricity on while still remaining see-through. How about if every time you tapped the brakes in your car, convert the captured energy into electricity. These are the two things New Energy Technologies has been trying to perfect. As John A. Conklin, CEO & President of the Company, addressed in an open letter to shareholders in December, after two years of significant breakthroughs, the time has come to develop their technologies into viable products with real commercial potential.

NENE stock has been running since early December, just a few weeks earlier than it did in 2011. From the end of December, 2011 up to the end of March, 2012, NENE stock ran from $1.08 to $4.42, a run worth 309%. The same run looks like it has already begun and traders should take not of it. The share structure is minute compared to other game changing technologies like Save the World Air Inc. (ZERO) even with the proposed 14% increase to the outstanding shares as per the S-1 filing.

While the Company looks to sign a licensing arrangement for their SolarWindow™ products as well as their three MotionPower™ products, traders should have NENE stock on their watch list. Consider the more than 85 million commercial and residential buildings along with the estimated 250 million vehicles registered in the United States alone. Now how does NENE stock look?

About NENE Stock

New Energy Technologies, Inc., and its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Sungen Energy, Inc. , Kinetic Energy Corporation, and New Energy Solar Corporation, is a renewable and alternative energy company, actively developing two novel technologies for generating sustainable electricity, one of which harvests solar energy of the sun and artificial light, and the other harvests the available kinetic energy present in moving vehicles. Click here to view the SEC filings for NENE.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
01/11/13 1.6800 +0.1600 +10.53% 249,500
01/10/13 1.5200 +0.1700 +12.59% 159,600
01/09/13 1.3500 +0.0800 +6.30% 103,000
01/08/13 1.2700 +0.0900 +7.63% 107,900
01/07/13 1.1800 +0.1300 +12.38% 96,400


Bottom Line: NENE is on our list of penny stocks for 2013 with the potential of being one of the technologies that changes the way we live our daily lives. The signing of a licensing deal with any research facility or Company that has the means and capability to advance the Company’s products further could send NENE stock well above the Nasdaq required listing level.

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