Nudg Media (NDDG) Stock Nudging Its Way Over $1

NDDG Stock, Nudg Media Inc.The fall promotional season has kicked off and the first penny stock to have a confirmed landing page with a possible hard mailer to follow belongs to Nudg Media Inc. (NDDG). Shares of NDDG stock had a half-decent morning on Tuesday with trading activity slowing down significantly after the midday break but still managed to create enough of a buzz around OTC world, especially with a tout claiming that early shareholders will be rewarded with thousands of percent returns on their investment. Considering how Thomas E. Puzzo, Esq. helped to set up the shell for the customizable, interactive, social media platform that had no cash, no revenues and did a 1,000-for-1 stock split at the beginning of last year, seeing 100% return will be a tough call before the probable suspension locks all the investors into a bags worth 10 cents on the dollar before the end of the month.

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Market Cap: 168.56M
Last: 0.98 ▲ +0.08 (+8.89%)
Volume: 203,685
Dollar Volume: $199,611
Open: 0.91
High: 1.00
Low: 0.90
Trades: 92
14-Day RSI: 89.15%
1st Resistance Point: 1.02
1st Support Level: 0.92
52Wk High: 1.00
52Wk Low: 0.31

As per the landing page that began to circulate around yesterday, the “Mike Norman Report” tells you exactly “Why is Nudg Better Than All The Other Social Apps?” The story starts off about how the revenueless startup combines the “very best features from the leading peer-to-peer communication applications” and how they dismantled all of the obnoxious things which people using the apps don’t necessarily care for and created “an easy and fun to use social connection system.” By combining “Augmented Reality, Circle Functionality, Voice Chat, Video Mail, Text Messaging, Geo-Locating, and more of what people really want,” investors are expected to throw money at NDDG stock on the concept that this application is “Facebook, Badoo and Skype all in one.”

The reality is that Nudg Media has what every company flying under the radar needs which is an idea and an asset purchase agreement to make it look like they are really trying to make their idea come to life. This “idea” was all orchestrated back in April, 2013 when the shell did a reverse acquisition, closing a share exchange with Eclipse Delaware shareholders. Then, the idea was to continue onward with designing, developing, and intending to sell video analytics technologies within the “Intelligent Security Industry” thus incorporating advanced facial detection, biometric search and identity recognition techniques to identify individuals from live and stored video streams.

Nearly a month ago, Nudg Media announced that they “made a Paradigm Shift” by redirecting their efforts under the tutelage of President Menachem Sofepr to assemble a management team to launch a platform that takes mobile media to a new level. This concept is backed up in the Mike Norman report several times when it talks about how the “FREE” app provided by Nudg Media has a “micro-payment system to generate instant revenues for the business/shareholders to profit from.”

What’s being sold to those who are buying NDDG stock is bits of the 4,000,000 shares at $0.025 per share for an aggregate total of $100,000 that were sold shortly after Raul Goncalves Pinheiro resigned as a sole director and was replaced by Maria Belisario. The Mike Norman report tells you that “NDDG Shares Have the Powerful Potential To Make Millions of Dollars For You”, but in reality, at $1 a share when it only cost $0.025 for the 4,000,000 sold back in 2013, the millions are going to be made by those who paid $15,000 for the investor awareness campaign kickoff.

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About NDDG Stock

Nudg Media Inc. is a development stage company with plans to enter into the social media and e-commerce business.

Click here to view the SEC filings for NDDG.
Click here to view the website for Nudg Media

Authorized: 75,000,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 172,000,000

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Chg Volume
09/02/14 0.9100 1.0000 0.9000 0.9800 +0.0800 +8.89% 203,600
08/29/14 0.8600 0.9100 0.8500 0.9000 +0.0400 +4.65% 30,400
08/28/14 0.8500 0.8600 0.8400 0.8600 +0.0050 +0.58% 64,100
08/26/14 0.8200 0.8550 0.8000 0.8550 -0.0150 -1.72% 18,000
08/25/14 0.8500 0.8700 0.8000 0.8700 +0.0200 +2.35% 29,000


Bottom Line:

The $1 or better promoted penny stocks like NDDG do fall under the radar in the early sessions with little volume hitting them and minimal, yet steady, gains compounding almost daily. Many may remember last winter when MDDD got suspended and came back to even bigger gains afterwards, albeit on much less volume. Such is likely to be the approach taken towards NDDG stock being that once over $1,000,000 in volume hits the ticker, the time to sell and run away begins to get closer and closer before the probable suspension or inevitable dump comes.

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