O2 Secure Wireless Inc. (OTOW) Is Simply Toro-ific!

OTOW Stock, Hot Penny StocksA bit more than a month ago, the penny stock of O2 Secure Wireless, Inc. (OTOW) made it known that it was close to completing their first major milestone for its shareholders: the acquisition of Technologies Argus First de Mexico.  In yet another “carefully worded” press release issued last week of an actual closing date, February 17, shares of OTOW stock have finally taken off from their near record lows of 0.003, gaining 783% since.  Whether or not the deal is as real as the gains have been over the past 5 trading sessions, the float is thin enough that it really doesn’t matter right now because the action is simply Toro-ific!

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OTOW Stock Quote
Close 0.0265 Change (% Chg) +0.0080 (+43.24%)
High 0.05 Low 0.015
Open 0.02 Prev Close 0.0185
Volume 6,573,502 Avg Volume 1,446,980
14-Day Rel Strength 91.55% Market Cap $653.02K
52Wk High 0.45 52Wk Low 0.003

With declining sales, a negative cash balance (as of September 30, 2014) and convertible notes payable that are overloading the balance sheet, O2 Secure Wireless has found a way to, once again, use the press to release their shares from the gravitational pull of the OTC.  After a four month hiatus from issuing any trade worthy news, Val Kazia, CEO of the Company, took advantage of the big dogs AT&T who recently decided to extensively explore the Mexican telecom market for future growth.

You know Technologies Argus First de Mexico is going to add fortunes to the bottom line with the which is due to “exceed over 25 million dollars in revenue in 2015” with the two companies merged.  Sure Facebook is simply for teens and grandparents since no one else would stoop so low to use the social media kingpins which is probably why the Mexican wireless service provider has 2 likes and no data to support what the heck they do.

On previous occasions, OTOW shares have spiked for multi-day rallies on similar news announcements (which never came to fruition), but on those occasions, the PPS was 5X – 8X where it is now.  The share structure is thin which is why the ticker can run, especially when sessions like yesterday have approximately 25% of the OS trading (roughly 3X the stated float).

Since there is a specific date, February 17, included within the most recent update of the Mexican acquisition, trading up to Valentine’s Day weekend should have more than enough opportunities to swing it in and swing it out so that those roses and chocolate you NEED to buy cost you a fraction of their inflated price.  You may also want to check out these three penny stocks that are uptrending right now:

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  • Elite Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ELTP)

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About OTOW Stock

O2 Secure Wireless, Inc. is a development stage company operating as a developer of domestic and international hi-speed wireless Internet facilities, Mobile Internet solutions and the OTOW Network.

Click here to view the OTC filings for OTOW.
Click here to view the website for O2 Secure Wireless.

Authorized: 80,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 24,642,147

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Chg Volume
02/02/15 0.0200 0.0500 0.0150 0.0265 +0.0080 +43.24% 6,573,500
01/30/15 0.0055 0.0200 0.0055 0.0185 +0.0125 +208.33% 2,654,200
01/29/15 0.0060 0.0060 0.0050 0.0060 +0.0009 +17.65% 310,300
01/28/15 0.0049 0.0065 0.0049 0.0051 +0.0004 +8.51% 1,272,500
01/27/15 0.0034 0.0050 0.0030 0.0047 +0.0009 +23.68% 2,379,900


Bottom Line:

OTOW is one of the hottest penny stocks and those with a handful or two of corn starch can douse the ticker with it and look for the wet spot before getting in too deep.  There’s been quite a few occasions when OTOW stock has surged on news like this, so don’t go thinking you uncovered the next “gem.”  Trade the momentum and get out of the ring before the bull spears you with its horns.

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