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OLIE Stock, Olie Inc., OTC OLIE, OLIE Stock Quote, OLIE Stock Review, EnCanSol, With roughly 80,000 shares of Friday’s trading session already up between 20-30%, the penny stock of Olie Inc. (OTC: OLIE) is finally set to see some awareness action at the start of the week. The long awaited campaign which has been rumored around for over a month already on the Company which owns rights to the patented rechargeable alkaline manganese (RAMcell) battery technology, OLIE stock is fully charged now. Having only released one bit of news regarding Len Schutzman, former PepsiCo SVP, having teamed up as a Consultant to the Company’s BoD, it will be interesting to see how long of a battery life this one will have.

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OLIE, OLIE Stock, Olie Inc., OTC OLIE, OLIE Stock Quote, OLIE Stock Review, OLIE Stock Analysis, The Gardner Group,Nova Scotia Business Inc., Pure Energy Solutions Inc., EnCanSol, RAMcell,RAMcell technology,Pure Energy Visions Inc.,Robert Gardner,EnCanSol Capital Corporation, Len SchutzmanOLIE Stock Quote

Market Cap: 96.00M
Last: 1.00  -0.26 (-20.63%)
Volume: 138,900
Dollar Volume: $114,253
Open: 1.05
High: 1.05
Low: 0.65
Trades: 40
Authorized: 200,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 96,000,000
14-Day Rel Strength: 41.39%
14-Day Stochastic: 38.89%

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Despite the fact that the Company has not yet established an ongoing source of revenues, or that there were no cash equivalents at December 31, 2012 or December 31, 2011, OLIE stock is set to change the way the planet survives with their claim to the rights of the RAMcell battery technology. However, last week’s “Acquisition and Funding Agreement” between The Gardner Group, EnCanSol Capital Corporation principals and Olie principals seems to have solved that issue according to $200,000.00 wire transfer delivered to EnCanSol designees.

Funding took place over the past two months which is confusing enough to create a cloud of “oh well, they mentioned $200,000” translation understandable enough to get some dumb long money into OLIE. Three wire transfers were done as of:

February 6, 2013, – $100,000 CDN was shuffled from the Gardner Group to Nova Scotia Business, Inc., an agency of the Nova Scotia government. This transfer is said to assist with the acquisition of Pure Energy Solutions, Inc. by EnCanSol by applying the amount as partial payment toward a debt obligation owed by Pure Energy Solutions to Nova Scotia Business which was set to mature on March 31, 2013;

March 8, 2013, – $50,000 was shuffled from the Gardner Group to Ireland Stapleton Pryor & Pascoe, P.C., the attorneys for EnCanSol, to pay legal fees in connection with the acquisition of Pure Energy Solutions by EnCanSol; and

March 8, 2013, – the equivalent of $50,000 (CAD) in US Dollars was shuffled from the Gardner Group to Pure Energy Solutions affiliate, Pure Energy Visions, Inc., to provide working capital for the manufacturing plant currently operated by EnCanSol and Pure Energy Solutions.

So there you have it — Olie is now prepared to bring to market a large format, flat plate RAMcell battery which will compete in the multi-billion dollar lead-acid battery market having several performance and environmental advantages. With claims to be just 33% the weight and size of a comparable lead acid battery, Olie’s rights to sell RAMcell technology can carpet-bomb the entire industry of lead-acid batteries used in applications such as backup/standby power, cable communication systems, traffic lights, safety lighting, and the starting, lighting, ignition car battery.

As stated on the Olie-EnCanSol website: “To date over $40 million has been spent on the development of the RAMcell technology resulting in 28 international patents.” And this technology can belong to you for the low price of just $1 by buying OLIE stock. At around the same time Sefe Inc. (SEFE) captures lightning and converts it into energy, OLIE will be the one stock that you, the investor, can say: “Damn I should have sold that POS while it was being promo’d and not believed in the fluff!

About OLIE Stock

Olie, Inc. is a development stage company focused on emerging, clean energy storage technologies.

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Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
04/19/13 1.0000 -0.2600 -20.63% 138,900
04/12/13 1.2600 -0.0500 -3.82% 300
04/11/13 1.3100 -0.0300 -2.24% 200
04/10/13 1.3400 -0.1600 -10.67% 1,000
04/05/13 1.5000 +0.2400 +19.05% 10,700


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Bottom Line:

Big money penny stocks like OLIE see less volume than those in the “under-a-dime” range, especially when they are being shuffled around from newsletter to newsletter. Nevertheless, with claims that only 16 million shares are in the public float, the way OLIE stock come out the gates on Monday morning will be indicative of what traders can expect up until atleast Friday around 11AM EST before the end of the week/month sell-off starts.

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