OneBigDrive Upticks All Marketing Solutions (PTPF) Stock

PTPF StockThe previously promoted penny stock of All Marketing Solutions, Inc. (PTPF) made some strange moves upwards on Monday after just 12 trades worth less than $5,000 moved the share price upwards of 62%. Nothing has been flowing from the Company regarding how their OneBigDrive is set to shock the cloud world with its 52 to 77 gigabytes storage capabilities since hubiC was said to be testing the service just prior to the end of Q3. Since it was StockMister who back in April made investors of aware of just how high PTPF stock could go, the chances of seeing this ticker hit inboxes again in the near future likely has some fronters getting in first before the unloading begins.

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All Marketing Solutions has been pushing out news about their OneBigDrive all year long and PTPF was doing well heading into the 3rd week of March, but the stock really saw a spike in volume when StockMister hit it. Shares of PTPF stock spiked to 0.66 off the pump which came just days after the Company announced that its OneBigDrive application is now integrated with Dropbox.

Being as how the business model of All Marketing Solutions is to get OneBigDrive used by everyone who is seeking cloud storage space, the OneBigfailure has been coming up with a way to monetize such a useful product, having yet to report any revenues since their inception. The lack of revenues didn’t prevent some investor(s) from getting hold of PTPF stock seeing as how on May 15, 2014, the Company issued 150,000 common shares for cash of $60,000, $0.40 per share.

There is a major benefit in OneBigDrive seeing as how it allows you to consolidate multiple free and/or paid cloud storage accounts into one big drive. That alone would make for a terrific reason for novice investors to buy PTPF stock and hold onto it in hopes of OneBigProfit. Although it doesn’t yet look like PTPF stock has enough shares out there that aren’t founders shares to be able to do a big money promotion, the attorney linkage, once promoted and upcoming announcements from two big groups surely makes the move yesterday a very interesting one.

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About PTPF Stock

All Marketing Solutions, Inc. is a development stage company looking to enter into the international market for patent consulting and technology transfer services.

Click here to view the SEC filings for PTPF.
Click here to view the website for OneBigDrive

Authorized: 200,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 100,560,000

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Chg Volume
11/10/14 0.2000 0.3000 0.1900 0.3000 +0.1150 +62.16% 22,500
11/07/14 0.1800 0.2550 0.1400 0.1850 -0.0250 -11.90% 19,100
11/06/14 0.2100 0.2100 0.2100 0.2100 -0.0810 -27.84% 500
11/04/14 0.2910 0.2910 0.2910 0.2910 -0.0090 -3.00% 100
10/31/14 0.2750 0.3000 0.2750 0.3000 unch unch 10,100


Bottom Line:

With Thomas E. Puzzo, Esq. listed as the attorney for hire on the S1 and the 240-for-1 stock split effectuated back in April, 2013, you’d be foolish to not have PTPF on your list of potential penny stocks that could be chosen by StockTips before the end of this month. Puzzo was once a familiar choice of BDPS tickers and with both of the groups due to issue a pick here in the coming days, PTPF stock has to be watched to see if the share price gets pushed up again and if volume starts increasing for what could be just OneBigDrive upwards before falling out of the cloud.

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