OOIL | Fracking Australia Recognizes OriginOil’s Technology

OOIL Stock, OriginOil, Cheap Oil StocksBy now, all subscribers know how Global Clean Energy Inc. (GCEI) is our penny stock pick which we think could be a ten-bagger from its current levels. To show you what we see in GCEI stock, all you need to do is take a closer look at OriginOil, Inc. (OOIL). With some deep pockets behind it and some high level oil executives manning their expansion products, OOIL stock is another one of those “must be watched” penny stocks.

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OOIL Stock, OriginOil, Cheap Oil Stock, OOIL Stock Chart

Market Cap: 10.82M
Close: 0.85, up 0.014 (1.67%)
Volume: 21,138
High: 0.91
Low: 0.84
Trades: 16
Average Trade Size: 1,321
Authorized: 250,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 12,733,895

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Just looking at the first six months of this developer of a breakthrough energy production process for the oil and algae industries, you can tell they are on the right track to success. Revenues for the three and six months ended June 30, 2012 came in at $15,000 and $553,163 respectively versus $40,500 and $142,500 for the same periods respectively in 2011. Perhaps the same numbers GCEI will be throwing up on the boards in a few more months time.

OriginOil just received its first international patent for its algae harvesting technology from the Australian patent office. GCEI has patents on Cyclonic Dredging Pump as well as their Hybrid Gasification, but they aren’t from Australia since they aren’t doing any business there — yet.

But the focus of this is more on OOIL because, unless you missed that blue link above, there are only 12.73 million shares outstanding. Just a month ago, stock landed on many traders desks when they heard OriginOil  intends to license its proprietary Clean-Frack™ process under private label to firms offering oil and gas water treatment solutions, in a first deployment of the “Powered by OriginOil™” brand. That’s a big fracking deal for any company that deals in any product or service that makes cake off the big oil companies drilling.

And the team behind OriginOil is no joke either. Check them out here for yourselves, but they are seasoned pro’s in their field and get our vote of confidence.

About OOIL Stock

OriginOil, Inc. has developed an energy production process for harvesting algae and cleaning up oil and gas water. Operating at the first stage of extraction, this high-speed and chemical-free process can be embedded in other systems to improve performance. Originally invented to solve the biggest problem in algae production, it is now finding demand in oil and gas fracking and production water cleanup, an immediate and fast-growing market that desperately needs clean technology solutions.

OriginOil is a pure technology company that intends to embed their technology into the systems others build and sell, through joint ventures, private labeling and licensing agreements.

Click here to view the SEC filings for OOIL.

Bottom Line: OOIL is a bit pricey for an OTC listed penny stock, but that’s the beauty is that, coupled with such a small number of shares outstanding, less knuckleheads are likely to flip the stock. Get OOIL on your list of penny stocks to watch and keep them there when they uplist on to one of the bigger boards unless they get bought out.

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