PAYD | Gains Of PAID Inc. Appear To Be Just The Beginning

hot penny stocks, penny stocks for 2013, OTC PAYD, PAYD Stock, PAID Inc.The penny stock groupies that went on tour with celebrity brand managers PAID Inc. (OTC:PAYD) since mid-November got paid-in-full after Friday’s biggest one-day gaining session. Shares in the comprehensive web-presence and related service provider have been surging, up 416%, on mid-sized volume since bottoming out in early November at 0.0212. After closing within a guitar pick’s width of the HOD on Friday, PAYD stock is still showing signs that the bullish trend can continue further into the end of the year, despite the fact that the Company has not released any news for the last four months.

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Market Cap: 35.70M
Close: 0.1094 0.0404 (58.55%)
Volume: 1,144,782
Dollar Volume: $98,743
High: 0.1095
Low: 0.065
Trades: 92
Average Trade Size: 12,443
Authorized: 350,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 326,313,074

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PAYD has had a history of having breakouts like the current one over the last three years although the gains have been significantly less in recent years since the penny stock was constantly trying to break past a 0.50 ceiling until 2012. The recent rally has been surpassing technical points every other day with just a few left before reaching the 52 week high:

  • 0.1095 : 4 Week High / 13 Week High
  • 0.1193 : 38.2% Retracement from 52 Week Low
  • 0.1243 : 3-10 Day MACD Oscillator Stalls / Pivot Point 1st Level Resistance
  • 0.1391 : Pivot Point 2nd Level Resistance
  • 0.1496 : 50% Retracement from 52 Week High/Low
  • 0.1799 : 38.2% Retracement from 52 Week High
  • 0.2780 : 52 Week High

The bullishness kicked in right before PAID inc. filed their 10-Q for the quarter ended September 30, 2012. Revenues were bursting at the seams coming in at $7,093,500 for the quarter, more than 4X that of the same period in 2011, $1,620,400, and nearly double those of the entire nine months ended September 30, 2011, $4,006,200. Although the Company has booked over $10 million in revenues during the first nine months of 2012, a bottom line profit, net income, is still far from within reach due to the high cost of sales.

During the first nine months of 2012, 17,576,369 shares were issued at $0.001 under the Company’s 2011 Non-Qualified Stock Option Plan. Under the plan which was discontinued as of October 15, 2012 and replaced with a long term incentive plan, employees and consultants were able to elect to receive their gross compensation in the form of options. This could easily be the reason for the decline of PAYD stock price throughout 2012 as it slid down from a high of 0.19 on the first trading session of the year.

Thus, with revenues growing and the recent changes to the new 2012 stock option plan, traders did not miss the update from December 6, 2012, when the Board of Directors increased the plan from 5 million shares to 10 million, of which W. Austin Lewis IV, CEO and Director of PAID Inc., and Andrew Pilaro, a Director of the Company, were each awarded options to purchase 1 million shares at $.048 per share on December 6, 2012. If these two insiders can buy shares of PAYD stock at 0.48, it makes sense that this is what’s causing retail investors to speculate on a long term target price.

About PAYD Stock

PAID, Inc. provides brand-related services to businesses, celebrity clients in the entertainment industry as well as charitable organizations through the Company’s brand management, brand marketing, social media marketing, product design and merchandising, website design; development and hosting services which are designed to grow each client’s customer base in size, loyalty and revenue generation.  In addition to sourcing, designing and marketing, PAID sells merchandise for celebrities and businesses, through official website stores and other web-based outlets as well as on-tour and retail outlets. Click here to view the SEC filings for PAYD, here to view their website.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
12/21/12 0.1094 +0.0404 +58.55% 1,144,700
12/20/12 0.0690 +0.0070 +11.29% 422,500
12/19/12 0.0620 +0.0180 +40.91% 1,797,300
12/18/12 0.0440 -0.0059 -11.82% 184,100
12/17/12 0.0499 +0.0039 +8.48% 316,100

Bottom Line: The time to make the money is the time to make the money and PAYD is providing that time for penny stock traders. With its current bullish trend, revenue growth and new stock option pricing indication, perhaps the 52 week high from PAYD stock could be rewritten prior to the end of 2012. Maybe is one of the 90’s boy bands gets back together again and needs their re-branding done, this could see some “Cougar” revenues clawing their way to some VIP gains for traders.

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