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Penny Stock Picks, Hot Penny StocksPeople email in daily, catch me on my personal email even, and all want to know what’s the best penny stock advice on a certain Company. There’s a old Wall Street saying that, “You can’t go broke taking profits.” This mentality is a lost art which is argued that investors hold on to losing positions and dump winning investments far too quickly. Double, Triple, Home Run, Grand Slam – whatever the score card is that you keep, winning is winning.

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Research data has shown that knowing when to exit and adjust investments is far more critical to making money than the timing of entry. In fact, many new investors have great investing ideas at the outset but run into trouble when it comes to managing these investment ideas during the life of the trade!

Plan the Trade – Trade the Plan

The pitfalls can be emotional – such as fear & greed. The losses can be life-changing. Often times, investors hold on to losing investments in hopes of recovery. Or, there is a lack of self confidence when changes in the outlook are spotted. Or, there can be a lack of knowledge as to how best to adjust/exit trades.

What we have consistently been able to supply is trading data and information that has been able to make the most profitability on all the stocks traded on the OTC that have the liquidity to make big profits.

We have a pick we are going to issue int he coming weeks which will show you what a real winning pick is.  We have talked for months in our articles about winning and losing picks, and this upcoming pick is a Trade of the Month that you can’t afford to miss!

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