Penny Stock Alert: American Fiber Green Products (AFBG)

One thing that makes penny stocks more valuable than the momentum behind them is the need for what they patent, license or manufacture. If everyone needs it like Windows, Internet Search Engines or Portable Communications, it is a sure winner. Well, one of the pink sheet stocks that had not gotten any attention since its founder past away might just have that “needed” item in a two-fold sense. Add American Fiber Green Products, Inc. (OTC PINK: AFBG.PK) (Pinksheets: AFBG) to your penny stocks to watch list immediately. Fiberglass is a multi-billion dollar industry and AFBG is the “only” fiberglass recycling company in the world. They already have divisions of the company that manufacture needed products with the recycled materials.

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AFBG announced that they signed a Master Service Agreement with 2 Global Fortune 500 companies for AFBG’s fiberglass recycling program. AFBG not only will get paid to recycle the fiberglass materials but also to be able to convert the materials to make seawalls, railroad ties, parking lot stumps, picnic tables, park benches, and a number of other items. Even though these 2 Fortune 500 companies are in the multi-billion dollar wind energy sector, each of them has an abundance fiberglass trimmings and waste. With AFBG a part of their recycling and disposal solutions, this could actually be the beginning of a good idea gone dormant until now.

AFBG Stock Snap Shot:

Market Cap: 6.72M
52-Week High (Dec 5, 2011): 0.79
52-Week Low (Aug 18, 2011): 0.15
50-Day Moving Average: 0.50
200-Day Moving Average: 0.48
Avg Vol (3 month): 17,666
Avg Vol (10 day): 130,362
Shares Outstanding: 11.38M
Float: 5.09M

13 years ago, William Amour passed away. Amour invented and founded the Amour patented process for recycling fiberglass recycling. For the next 3 years after his passing, the company which would become AFBG lay dormant with no funding or sense of direction. Many of the initial shareholders before AFBG became a publicly traded company were personal friends and family of the Amours and employees of Amour. The unlimited potential for recycling fiberglass could have a worldwide impact on the environment and could be used to manufacture materials which would replace treated wood, concrete and steel.

In 2001, Amour’s company merged with American Leisure Products and Kenneth McCleave. Recognizing the significance of this recycling of fiberglass and manufacturing products with it could be a huge financial opportunity for its shareholders. From then until now, an enormous amount of time and money was expended to bring AFBG back into a position to apply for trading on the exchange.

Renegotiating with note holders and vendors, investigating and verifying drawings and plans, enduring and winning battles on several legal fronts, dealing with environmental concerns and personally meeting with hundreds of pre-existing shareholders from Anchorage to Columbus, Seattle, Missoula, Tampa and Las Vegas was met with success at every turn.

AFBG.PK was approved for public trading in mid-December 2007. Mr. Amour had created quite a stir with his ‘patent within a patent’ for a process and a processor that allowed finished fiberglass products, fiberglass production tailings and resins to be fully reduced and recycled into a variety of finished goods that were equal or superior in quality to their counterparts manufactured from steel, concrete or pressure treated lumber.

Bottom Line: Add AFBG to you penny stock list immediately. Bus benches, parking stops, parking posts, picnic tables, park benches, landscaping timbers, and hundreds of other public applications can be revenues for AFBG and environmentally friendly. Marinas, piers, docks and decking from recycled fiberglass can replace concrete, steel and pressure treated lumber in these critical environmental applications. Thousands of picnic tables and benches are replaced in our local, state and national parks each year.

Recycled fiberglass replacement will last longer (up to 400 years estimated landfill life) because it is affected by neither micro-organisms nor extremes of weather. With UV and fire retardant treatment, AFBG products can be expected to outperform all competition. A Niche, A Need and A Cause.

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