Penny Stock Alert: Energy Telecom (ENRG) On The Run

Energy Telecom Inc. (OTC: ENRG) stock is on the rise as the Company announced new patent applications in their innovative wireless eye-wear.  ENRG stated the day at $0.70 and is already pushing well above $1 a share. ENRG stock also received a vote of approval from, none other than Centro Azteca S.A around an hour after today’s trading session began. At the current pace the shares are trading, ENRG stock is likely to break $2.50 before the close.

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Note: There was only 8.5 million Shares Outstanding as of  May 3, 2012

Energy Telecom announce today that the Company’s Intellectual Property counsel, Malloy & Malloy, PA, informed Energy Telecom that the U. S. Patent Office has formally allowed the Company’s utility patent application 12/283,029 (confirmation 5972), which leads to the assignment of a U.S. utility patent number and publication.

The patent application and eventual patent includes claims for benefits to be delivered by Energy Telecom’s telecom communication eye-wear, including totally wireless earpieces, the ability for wearers to clearly hear spoken communication when working and active in noisy work and sports environments, and the ability to record and display optical information in a variety of ways.

President of ENRG stock, Tom Rickards,  said that the Company is looking forward to being able to provide patent protection through September, 2028 to their worldwide manufacturing and distribution partners. The Company has expanded the Patent Cooperation Treaty countries in which these new benefits will be protected, to include Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and The Republic of China.

ENRG reported their Q1 earning on May 4th. The Company reported revenues of $16,751 for the quarter ended March 31, 2012 compared to $950 for the same period in 2011. Gross Profit was $5,534 compared to $950 for the same period in 2011. Net loss for Q1, 2012 was  $167,432 compared to $93,617 for the same period the year before.

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Note: During the three months ended March 31, 2012, the Company completed private placements of 960,000 shares of Class A common stock and has received proceeds totaling $349,790, 40,000 shares of Class A common stock to consultants in exchange for services rendered with a fair value totaling $27,865, and 50,000 shares of Class A common stock as officer compensation with a fair value totaling $50,500.

About ENRG:

Based within walking distance of “Ripley’s – Belive it or not” in the tourist town of St. Augustine, Fl, Energy Telecom is a company that holds U.S. and foreign patents allowing for the manufacture, marketing and distribution of the world’s first hands-free, wireless communication eyewear providing quality sound and noise attenuation. Energy Telecom’s Various models of the eyewear will be worn by police, fire, rescue, military and security personnel, and by those working in bio-hazardous, mining, construction and heavy manufacturing. The eyewear will also be worn by those using cellular and smart phones for voice communication, and for listening to high-fidelity streaming stereo.

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Bottom Line: If you don’t have ENRG on your list of penny stocks to watch, it may already be too late to buy ENRG stock because the stock is running with the bulls right now. Believe it, or Not.

ENRG stock has not had any volume at all for months so be very wary of this surge in volume being a dump by the Centro Azteca S.A. Group of the 960,000 shares that were issued in the Private Placement in Q1.


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