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It’s time to ring in the new and sweep out the old by adding SEFE Inc. to your list of penny stocks to buy and clearing out Sunpeaks Ventures (OTC: SNPK). SEFE has already risen 70 cents, 67%, since we first alerted subscribers about this hot penny stock. Shares in the penny stock of SEFE are poised surge as the company pushed forward to revolutionizing the global energy industry. SEFE closed at $1.75 on Friday, up 21 cents (13.64%), as penny stock trading reached over 8.5 million shares in the session.

SEFE stock is one of the top OTC penny stocks with the Authority to make some serious profits in the coming weeks.

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SEFE stands to increase its stock price valuation many times over by developing their patented technology to producing electricity at pennies on the dollar compared to other alternative energy sources like solar and wind. Beyond being called a patent troll which has multiplied the penny stock price of Vringo in recent weeks, SEFE has 26 patents that are currently in various stages of approval. Steve Jobs set his sights on patents helping to make Apple a giant and SEFE could do the same if it finds itself  in a possible bidding war between the likes of General Electric and other multi-nationals who want their proven technology.

SEFE Stock Snap Shot:

Shares Outstanding 52.28M
Market Capitalization 91.49M
5 Day Avg Volume 5,712,030
10 Day Avg Volume 4,250,994
20 Day Avg Volume 3,166,855
52 Week High
(4/20/2012) 1.75

SEFE is poised to position themselves to be able to sell their unique, portable electricity to a large volume of possible consumers. For Example: China may have the largest global population but it is concentrated into three major cities. Imagine the manufacturing capabilities if they were to be able to have functioning and cost effective energy produced in all of the rural provinces.

The opportunities for SEFE could virtually be endless with utility companies in the North America, South America and Europe able to cash-in on converting natural occurring energy into a consumable product. Anytime something this big gets developed, the U.S. military always finds a way to get their hands on it to help support our troops. The possibilities are endless.

If governments and corporations around the world are truly in search for a clean energy resource, SEFE‘s Atmospheric Energy could be the answer to all their queries and the possibility for huge profits for those investing in the penny stock at an early stage.  In short, this penny stock, SEFE,  could very well be the breakthrough that major energy company’s have envisioned for the 21st Century.

Bottom Line: Take action immediately and add SEFE to your list of penny stocks to buy and watch the performance closely. Any dip in the price could open the door for a large number of buyers to step in and capitalize on the legacy LEXG had last year.  Some off-Wall Street analysts have already initiated coverage on SEFE with short-term price targets as high as $12.78.

If atmospheric energy kicks off, SEFE is perfectly positioned to create a monopoly. Wait and investors could miss the big move. Either way, SEFE could easily make you a fortune.


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