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Gamers used to stem from a certain age demographic, the teens and deadbeat twenty somethings, back when gaming was done by either inserting a quarter into a slot or sitting upon one’s couch for hours with a joystick or controller along side a bucket of fried chicken and a case of red bull.  Those days are gone since now, every person with a smartphone on the planet has, at minimum, one game which they visit frequently enough that the industry of smartphone games is due to be worth some $30.3 billion in 2015 with tablets helping to drive in-app purchases to another level.

Back in September, 2012, CEO Anton Lin initially planned to create Freedom Petroleum, Inc. for the purpose of oil and gas exploration which, at the time made sense since oil prices were booming and facking was extremely lucrative.  Lin had some strong connections with il buyers in China and tried to move forward in a deal with Shalex Corp. in October, 2014 which would have given the company 100% undivided working interest and 87% Net Revenue Interest in certain oil and gas interests from a parcel of 2,304 hectares in the Bentley area of Alberta, Canada.  The deal was eventually terminated and the move into gaming is due to be etched in stone come Friday, August 7.

With the oil deal terminated and a solid shell of a fresh company awaiting to launch, Lin made a very interesting move when, in June, he chose to change the company’s name to Steampunk Wizards Inc. and reduce the already small issued and outstanding shares via a reverse split of 1-for-2.5 which took the total down to 22,181,541.  Upon that having been taken into effect, he moved forward to acquire 100% of Malta based Steampunk by issuing 10,096,229 of his 11,451,541 shares and an additional 4,812,209 from the 100 million authorized.

With the deal due to be closed on or about Friday of this week, SPWZ will supported by two mobile games, both Android and iOS compatible, based on their “Bungee Mummy” theme which is an animated world of Egyptian temples, Pharaohs, Mummies and other ancient creatures.  The reviews on Google Play are already indicating that there is due to be a very positive response from those who choose to download and partake in the adventure which could lead to some revenues streams for those who purchase additional features and want to go to higher levels.

The market for mobile video games is on an insane uptrend. In the U.S. alone, the market is expected to grow 51% year over year with Europe right behind it at 47%.  The origination point of games, Asia, is the real market with its growth expected to become so dominant that console makers like Nintendo (Mario Bros./Donkey Kong) and PC game providers like Blizzard (WOW) have already made the shift to avoid being left in the dust.

Since Monday, 8,500 shares ($10,965) of SPWZ stock has changed hands which may not be of significance to some, but for those who like to catch a wave well before the sharks show up, it very well may be a sign.  With a small float of less than 10 million shares, the clean slate for SPWZ may be a launching pad for an Endless Summer of gains to come.

Find out more about SPWZ shares here: $SPWZ


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