Penny Stocks Worth Noting – Tuesday, December 20th

Wild swings are a predictable feature of the end of the year as investors balance under-performing portions of their portfolios at a time of low trading volume. The Stock market surged today more than 2 percent a s a whole, a market performance that some attributed partly to economic data on the housing sector in the U.S. and brighter signals from the Euro zone.

This is not the best time of the year if your a penny stock per se. The following Penny Stocks caught our attention today:

Amwest Imaging (OTCBB: AMWI) closing price in the stock market today was $0.105, down another 12.50%.
AMWI traded on volume of 9,771,978 well lower than when it made its run up to $1.38 just a couple weeks ago.
Penny Stock Traders left holding the bag on AMWI should have read some of our “warnings” made on December 7th and 8th to prevent such a HUGE percentage loss.
AMWI‘s Market Cap is $52.03M and it will be considerably lower come 2012.

Amwest Imaging (OTCBB: AMWI) is a development stage company, focuses on helping companies become efficient through digital conversion and indexing of documentation.


Winland Ocean Shipping (OTCBB: WLOL) closing price in the stock market today was $0.415, down 22.28%.
WLOL traded on volume of 1,036,977.
WLOL had been a bright spot for many investors with its steady increases and “shockingly” dropped today after announcing yet another multi-million dollar contract.

Winland Ocean Shipping (OTCBB: WLOL) a shipping company, provides shipping and logistics services. The company engages in the ocean transportation of dry bulk cargoes; provision of chartering brokerage services; ownership and operation of dry bulk vessels; and provision of online and off-line international shipping agency and freight forwarding services. Its services also include bulk cargo transportation, chartering, shipping agency, and logistics.


Generex Biotechnology Corp. (OTCBB: GNBT) closing price in the stock market today was $0.142, down 18.86%.
GNBT traded on volume of 4,634,330.
GNBT, who is entered into phase II of their Breast Cancer Vaccine, was to be highlighted on Bloomberg Television Monday evening. With the amount of money and strong belief in cures for cancer, GNBT is surely a penny stock worth watching.

Generex Biotechnology Corp. (OTCBB: GNBT) is a development stage company, together with its subsidiary, engages in the research and development of drug delivery systems and technologies for metabolic and immunological diseases.


Allezoe Medical Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: ALZM) closing price in the stock market today was $0.0387, up an amazing 251.82%.
ALZM traded on volume of 47,670,043.
ALZM is counting on people “doing the nasty!”
ALZM acquired the exclusive license to develop and market patent pending, advanced “see and treat” diagnostic technologyfor Human papillomavirus (HPV), the world’s leading sexually transmitted infection (STI).

Allezoe Medical Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: ALZM), a biomedical company, develops, patents, and sells portable hypothermic, oxygenated preservation, and transport technology for human organs.


Abot Mining, Co. (OTCBB: ABOT.PK) closing price in the stock market today was $0.0439, down 19.30%.
ABOT traded on volume of 35,175,626.

With ABOT’s $1.6 million pump, that would work out to be roughly $1,758,781.30 or their money back. Many a penny stock trader will be wishing they could do the same on ABOT when the floor falls out.

Abot Mining, Co. (OTCBB: ABOT.PK), an independent exploration company, focuses on acquiring, developing, and participating in semi-precious mineral properties. ABOT thought their recent cash influx would be worth the following press release: Click here.


***Reminder: never chase stocks that gap at the open and always protect your profits!

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