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BLGOIn previous years, some of the hottest penny stocks have based their business model on the basis of providing a technology that cleans water at the highest level.  Runners like ALKM and WTER immediately come to mind, but few have ever been as real and diverse as BioLargo, Inc. (OTCQB: BLGO), a company that originated from a medical emergency that has become a solution to a number of issues in today’s world.  With some strong financial support coming, more than $1,000,000 in additional grants or financial aid, the blip on yesterday’s screeners should force attentive investors to look closer at BLGO stock.

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BLGO Stock


BioLargo embarked on a journey to better the way we drink water when the inventor, Kenneth Reay Code, was looking to help dad out after a medical setback and improve his quality of life by reducing his risk of contracting disease and by reducing compounding risks of secondary infections that are so common in long-term care facilities.  The “labor of love” gave birth to a technology which ha grown to five issued US Patents and more than 20 additional Patent Applications at the US Patent and Trademark Office relating to additional uses of the chemistry, the reactions and applications of the BioLargo Technology.

Unlike other OTC listed companies that lay claims to being an innovator in the “cleanliness” business, BioLargo has seen their revenues double over the past year from $30,373 for the six months ended June 30, 2014 to $66,514 for the six months ended June 30, 2015.  Albeit the numbers may not seem impressive in total, $37,028 of the 2015 revenues were derived from grants which, in July, the Company announced $1,000,000, in various stages, was looking to come, supporting the continued development and commercial refinement of its AOS Filter at its dedicated research lab located within the University of Alberta.

The Company’s AOS Filter has been referred to as a “game changer.”  Combining iodine, water filter materials and electrolysis within a water filter device, generating extremely high oxidation potential in order to eliminate, soluble organic contaminants like acids, solvents, sulfurs, oil and gas by-products, and pharmaceutical by-products found in contaminated water, the AOS Filter achieves extremely high rates of disinfection to eliminate infectious biological pathogens like Salmonella, Listeria and E.coli.

What is unique from BioLargo is their Deodorall, the only sports equipment spray on the market that is both eco-friendly and eliminates the bacteria breeding grounds that causes odors.  The product is even designed for pets as a safe and proven effective application for eliminating odor, controlling moisture and even helping to heal wounds.  Back in March, their Odor-No-More subsidiary was awarded a $150,000 “Indefinite Delivery Purchase Order” for its Specimen Transport Solidifier pouches by the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency.

BLGO hit the scanners not because they are on the cusp of changing the way people filter their water or live smell-free, but rather because Sept. 1 was the largest volume trading session in over a year.  The last time volume was over 150,000 shares traded (March, 2014), BLGO stock above $1 to $1.24.  With 84,469,125 shares outstanding, a small amount of volume making such a difference in the PPS shows just how treasured shareholders appear to value their position.

With how the money is starting to flow and how BioLargo seems to be turning the corner from an R&D company with some top line numbers to one which is growing into a real revenue producer, the spike in BLGO warrants the move.  Come Sept 1, 2016, it would not be a shock to see a $1 in front of the 0.61 closing price from yesterday.

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